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New and Existing Resources for Continuing Education and Training

OWM has various on-line resources that can be used for training and continuing education, both in a formal setting and through self-study.  The resources are free to download, print, and share to best meet individual needs.  Here we highlight those that are newly added along with links to existing resources.

What’s New

Technical Articles:

“Making Sense of the “Min” Marking on Class I and Class II Scales”  by Rick Harshman.  This article  addresses common questions about the marking of “Min” that appears on some Class I and II Scales.

Knowledge Checks:

Knowledge Checks are a new product created to help readers test their knowledge of information covered in our technical articles.

Study Guides:

OWM has developed a small number of “Study Guides” to assist inspectors and service personnel wanting to further their professional development.  These are not intended to provide for comprehensive individual professional development in a given inspection area but, rather, are guides for identifying and using resources already available on the NIST Web Site.  These can be used for independent study or by organizations as part of their overall development of inspection or service staff.

  • Click here to see recently developed study guides for field inspection activities

OWM Training Events:

The Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) online webinar training fees have been waived and are currently available free of charge. In-person Seminar fees have not changed. OWM encourages our community to participate in this professional development opportunity to build and extend their technical skills.  All of our scheduled events can be found at calendar of events

Program Webinars Seminars
Legal Metrology Devices Fees Waived Fees Charged*
Laws and Metric Fees Waived Fees Charged*
Metrology Fees Waived Fees Charged*
*Where applicable

New On-Line Training Opportunities:

Laboratory Metrology.  In the area of Laboratory Metrology, the Regional Measurement Assurance Program meetings will be held as webinars this year to prepare the states for their Annual Recognition Submissions this fall.  These webinars start the week of April 20, and additional webinars sessions will be held throughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Participants should sign up for the session appropriate for their region.  The agenda for the webinars can be found at:

The State Laboratory Annual Submission Process webinar is scheduled for September 10, 2020.

Field Inspection.  We have recently added several 2-hour webinars on the topics of “Examination Procedure for Price Verification” and “Overview of the Package and Labeling Regulation”. We will continue to evaluate if additional classes may be needed.

Metric and Measurement Topics.  Webinars on Measurement Systems and Metric Resources will be available later this spring. We are also exploring other potential short topics that could be adapted for presentation in webinar form in a relatively short period of time.  We will share information on any new offerings as they become available.  

On-Line Training Materials:

The following is a link to a course on NIST Handbook 44 that is designed for use as self-study.  It describes the history, organization, and intended use of NIST Handbook 44.  It also provides instruction on NIST Handbook 44 terminology; how to locate specific paragraphs; use of the National Conference on Weights and Measures Final Reports to understand the application of specific sections; and use of requirements in conjunction with the NIST Examination Procedure Outlines.

While this course is particularly relevant for newer inspectors, it is also valuable for more experienced inspectors to enhance their understanding and use of the NIST Handbook 44 and could also provide opportunities for discussion amongst field staff using web conferencing tools, if available.  Note Chapters 2 to 5 of this course each include a quiz (along with answers) on the learning concepts covered in the chapter.

On-Line Videos:

We have a small number of videos posted on the NIST OWM website illustrating field inspection and laboratory metrology procedures.

Field Inspection:  A video on inspecting retail motor-fuel dispensers is available at the following link.  This can be viewed as a continuous video in its entirety or you can view specific sections of the video to review certain parts of the inspection process such as how to properly wet the test standard or how to read the results on the standard.

Laboratory Metrology:  We have a video which demonstrates calibration methods for volumetric standards using the volume transfer method.  Select the YouTube video under items 18 or 19 on the list at the following website.  

Newsletter Articles on Technical Topics

NIST OWM staff have developed newsletter articles on a variety of technical topics over the years.  Many of these articles are available for review or download on specific topics.  Articles organized by topic area such as “weighing” or “packaging and labeling” or “metrology” or other technical areas can be found at the following address:

Complete newsletters published from 2010 to present can be found at the following address:

Technical Guidance, Interpretations, and OIML Activities

As always, our staff is available to provide guidance and interpretations on technical issues related to legal metrology.   For reference, our technical staff contact list is available on our web site at:


Created April 20, 2020, Updated June 1, 2020