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NIST Special Publications (SP)

SP 330 Cover

NIST SP 330:
The International System of Units (SI)

Editions: 2019

Household Weights and Measures

Household Weights and Measures

Editions:  2004

Cover of SP 447

NIST SP 447:
Weights and Measures Standards of the United States, A Brief History.

Editions: 1976

SP 811 Cover

NIST SP 811:
Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI)

Editions: 2008

NIST SP 1001

NIST SP 1001 (English):
Basic Mass Metrology CD-ROM (2003) (Provide Feedback)

English- Basic Mass Metrology CD (NIST SP 1001)
Part 1 -- Part 2
Spanish - Basic Mass Metrology CD (NIST SP 1001-S)
Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Instructions: This course was originally created as a CD-ROM course using Macromedia Authorware™ (now part of Adobe). At this time, this course will operate better if you run it from your computer. Please download the Zip files and install all of the files from each Part (per language) into a single directory on your computer. If using Windows 7 or later, you will need to specify "use compatibility for Windows XP." Please be aware that the "Enter" key (NOT "Tab") must be used after entries throughout the course. Start the course by running the "NIST_Intro.exe" file.

Nist Special Publication 1020

NIST SP 1020:  
Guide for Labeling Consumer Package by Weight, Volume, Count, or Measure (length, area or thickness)

Editions: 2020.

Nist Special Publication 1038

NIST SP 1038: 
The International System of Units (SI) - Conversion Factors for General Use

Editions: 2006

Unit Pricing Guide

NIST SP 1181:
Unit Pricing Guide - A Best Practice Approach to Unit Pricing

Editions: 2015

NIST SP 1247

NIST SP 1247:
SI Base Units Relationship Poster

Editions: 2020

NIST SP 1290, NIST Metric Recipes, printable recipe card series are best when printed on cardstock. Companion resources are available on the NIST Metric Cooking website.

NIST SP 1290:
NIST Metric Recipes (SI)

Editions: 2023

NIST SP 2200 Legal Metrology Publication Series

NIST SP 2200:

Legal Metrology Publication Series
The publications in the SP 2200 subseries provide information on the status and development of U.S. and international legal metrology documentary standards; SI usage, facilitation, and best practices; and technical guidance and training as provided by OWM. In general, these legal metrology standards and services describe the regulatory practices of measurements and measuring instruments to achieve uniform application in the sales of commercial products and services. The publications in this subseries also provide additional technical information that is not provided in the NIST Handbook series.




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