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Proficiency Testing

The NIST Office of Weights and Measures proficiency testing program is limited in scope to only those calibration laboratories who participate in our U.S. Regional Measurement Assurance Program and conducts proficiency tests only in mass calibration, volume calibration and length (steel tapes and rules) calibration. (Ref. NISTIR 7214, sections 1.0 & 1.6.) In addition to the program publications posted below, you can read more about our program operations in this paper, which was published in the NCSL International, Metrologist, June 2012.

OWM PT Policy & Quality System

OWM is moving toward better compliance with the latest versions of ISO/IEC 17043 and ISO 13528 documents. Draft PT program documents are posted below for review by OWM Proficiency Testing program participants. Please use this Comment Form and submit all comments to micheal.hicks [at] (Micheal Hicks) by FEBRUARY 15, 2024Review date may be extended if needed, by request.

  • NISTIR 7082 "Proficiency Test Policy Plan"

    • January, 2018 -  PDF
    • 2023 Draft - PDF

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Created April 22, 2009, Updated October 25, 2023