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NIST Food Safety Workshop

NIST Food Safety Workshop

NIST has extensive experience in preparation and characterization of reference materials and providing measurement support through quality assurance programs for food nutrition, to support US industry in meeting labeling requirements. Leveraging this expertise as well as strong relationships with stakeholders in the food industry, NIST is poised to be a leader in providing metrology solutions to address food safety challenges. Food safety is a broad topic, ranging from heavy metals, toxins, and residue contamination resulting from growth conditions to allergens, bacteria, or other contamination occurring during processing and/or packaging.  Food safety can also extend to authenticity, fraud, and adulteration, or even to potential spoilage.  As nearly a $1 trillion contribution to the US GDP, the US food supply represents a huge economic asset, that must be protected. This workshop will bring experts from the food industry, government, academia, and support organizations (e.g., trade and standards organizations, instrument manufacturers) together with metrology experts to discuss challenges and possible solutions facing laboratories charged with ensuring the safety of the US and global food supply.

Major Output

After the workshop, the planning committee will work with other major contributors to prepare and publish a white paper summarizing needs and possible measurement science solutions and technology transfer opportunities in these areas of food safety.  This white paper will inform the future directions of NIST and CSD efforts in ensuring the safety of the national and international food supply. A second, complementary white paper on the broader international capabilities across NMIs and prospective actions to ensure global food safety will be generated.

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Created October 17, 2018, Updated August 23, 2019