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Radiation Physics Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Alan Keith Thompson Division Chief alan.thompson [at] Fed
Martha L. Neviaser Division Secretary (Acting) martha.neviaser [at] Fed

Dosimetry Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael G. Mitch Group Leader michael.mitch [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Aiysha Ashfaq aiysha.ashfaq [at] Assoc
Fred B. Bateman fred.bateman [at] Fed
Arthur Conover arthur.conover [at] Assoc
Lonnie Cumberland lonnie.cumberland [at] Fed
David F. Eardley david.eardley [at] Fed
Jack Leigh Glover jack.glover [at] Fed
Bryana Henderson Fed
Lawrence T. Hudson lawrence.hudson [at] Assoc
Dustin Keller Assoc
Rahul Kumar Kushwaha Fed
Ronaldo Minniti ronnie.minniti [at] Fed
Michael G. Mitch michael.mitch [at] Fed
C. Michelle O'Brien michelle.obrien [at] Fed
Myriam V. Parra myriam.parra [at] Fed
Ileana Pazos ileana.pazos [at] Fed
Jordan Roberts Assoc
John Seely john.seely [at] Assoc
Stephen M. Seltzer s.seltzer [at] Assoc
Steven Sims Ctr
Csilla Szabo-Foster csilla.szabo-foster [at] Fed
Ronald Tosh ronald.tosh [at] Fed
Kevin Umana Ctr

Neutron Physics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jeffrey S. Nico Group Leader [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Jerald Balta jerald.balta [at] Assoc
Eli Baltic eli.baltic [at] Fed
Ripan Biswas ripan.biswas [at] IntlAssoc
Allan D. Carlson allan.carlson [at] Assoc
Michael Alan Coplan michael.coplan [at] Assoc
Cyrus Daugherty michael.daugherty [at] Fed
Maynard S. Dewey maynard.dewey [at] Fed
Yulaunda Fenwick yulaunda.fenwick [at] Fed
Thomas R. Gentile thomas.gentile [at] Assoc
Craig Richard Heimbach craig.heimbach [at] Assoc
Shannon Hoogerheide shannon.hoogerheide [at] Fed
Michael G. Huber michael.huber [at] Fed
Daniel S. Hussey daniel.hussey [at] Fed
David L. Jacobson david.jacobson [at] Fed
Daniel Jardin daniel.jardin [at] Fed
Youngju Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Jacob LaManna jacob.lamanna [at] Fed
Dylan Morley dylan.morley [at] Fed
Hans Pieter Mumm hans.mumm [at] Fed
Jeffrey S. Nico [at] Fed
Dmitry Pushin dmitry.pushin [at] Assoc
Derek Su [at] Assoc
Robert Valdillez robert.valdillez [at] Assoc
Fred E. Wietfeldt Assoc
Joseph Zuchegno joseph.zuchegno [at] Assoc

Radiation Physics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Rochelle Abrom rochelle.abrom [at] Fed
Maisha Lewis-Ceaser maisha.lewis-ceaser [at] Fed
Martha L. Neviaser martha.neviaser [at] Fed
Alan Keith Thompson alan.thompson [at] Fed

Radioactivity Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Brian E. Zimmerman Group Leader brian.zimmerman [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Stephen Adler stephen.adler [at] Assoc
Denis E. Bergeron denis.bergeron [at] Fed
Madeleine Bodine madeleine.bodine [at] Fed
Brittany Broder brittany.broder [at] Fed
Brittany Broder brittany.broder [at] Fed
Max Carlson max.carlson [at] Fed
Jeffrey T. Cessna jeffrey.cessna [at] Fed
Ronald Colle ronald.colle [at] Fed
Richard Essex richard.essex [at] Fed
Ryan P. Fitzgerald ryan.fitzgerald [at] Fed
Sean Jollota sean.jollota [at] Assoc
Lynne E. King lynne.king [at] Fed
Peyton Lalain peyton.lalain [at] Assoc
Jerome LaRosa jerome.larosa [at] Fed
Lizbeth Laureano-Perez lizbeth.laureano-perez [at] Fed
Larry L. Lucas larry.lucas [at] Fed
Miles McCord miles.mccord [at] Fed
Svetlana Nour svetlana.nour [at] Fed
Marjorie Owens marjorie.owens [at] Fed
Adam Pearce adam.pearce [at] Fed
Leticia Pibida leticia.pibida [at] Fed
Janet Stann janet.stann [at] Fed
Mark Tyra mark.tyra [at] Fed
Michael P. Unterweger michael.unterweger [at] Assoc
Justin Wilde justin.wilde [at] Fed
Brian E. Zimmerman brian.zimmerman [at] Fed