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Craig Richard Heimbach (Assoc)

Professional Interest:

Simulation of neutron interactions in support of neutron measurement. The implementation of neutron measurement systems usually requires a model to explore alternative designs. In addition, a model can reveal behaviors which must be quantified for the interpretation of measurement results. Typically, the use of MCNP and/or GEANT are sufficient, but occasional use of other models, including the creation of new models, are required. The investigations may be applied to neutron measurement devices and the development of neutron exposure facilities.

Instrument control. Real-time instrument control under either Windows or Linux operating systems.


Fast Neutron Detection with a Segmented Spectrometer

Jeffrey S. Nico, T J. Langford, Christopher D. Bass, H Breuer, Craig Heimbach, D. K. Erwin
A fast neutron spectrometer consisting of segmented plastic scintillator and He-3 proportional counters was constructed for the measurement of neutrons in the
Created September 28, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022