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Fast Neutron Detection with a Segmented Spectrometer

November 3, 2014
Jeffrey S. Nico, T J. Langford, Christopher D. Bass, H Breuer, Craig Heimbach, D. K. Erwin
A fast neutron spectrometer consisting of segmented plastic scintillator and He-3 proportional counters was constructed for the measurement of neutrons in the energy range 1 MeV to 200 MeV. We discuss its design, principles of operation, and the method of

Event Identification in He-3 Proportional Counters Using Risetime Discrimination

April 2, 2013
Jeffrey S. Nico, T J. Langford, Christopher D. Bass, E J. Beise, D. K. Erwin, Craig Heimbach
We present a straightforward method for particle identification and background rejection in He-3 proportional counters for use in neutron detection. By measuring the risetime and pulse height of the preamplifier signals, one may define a region in the

Cosmic Coincidences: Investigations for Neutron Background Suppression

April 1, 2007
Craig Heimbach
Two experimental investigations were made in order to reduce background counts in neutron detectors. Each investigation relied upon the fact that neutron background is largely due to cosmic ray interactions with the air and ground. The first attempt was to

NIST Calibration of a Neutron Spectrometer ROSPEC

December 1, 2006
Craig Heimbach
A neutron spectrometer, ROSPEC, was acquired for use in the measurement of NIST calibration neutron fields. The spectrometer included options for the measurement of low and high energy neutrons, for a measurement range from thermal neutron up to 16 MeV