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Denis E. Bergeron

My current research spans basic radionuclide metrology, standards for nuclear medicine, and the chemistry of (reverse) micellar solutions.

In support of the Radioactivity Group's efforts in standard reference materials (SRM) development, international intercomparisons, and calibration services, my work in basic metrology centers primarily on methods involving liquid scintillation (LS) counting. I work on primary standardizations using efficiency tracing and triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) methods.

In support of our nuclear medicine projects, I maintain the Radioactivity Group's commercial ionization chambers (dose calibrators), monitoring long-term stability and determining calibration factors for different radionuclides or geometries. I perform similar work with an automatic NaI(Tl) gamma well counter. I also participate in research in quantitative molecular imaging involving NIST's clinical PET-CT scanner. It is the only scanner of its kind that is directly calibrated to a national standard for radioactivity.

My research on the chemistry of (reverse) micellar solutions is focused on understanding the solution properties that might impact LS measurements. I have performed numerous studies using dynamic light scattering, fluorescence and transmission spectroscopies, and developed a Compton spectrum quenching (CSQ) technique for the identification of micellar phase boundaries.


The Next Generation of Current Measurement for Ionization Chambers

Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Denis E. Bergeron, Dean G. Jarrett, Neil M. Zimmerman, Carine Michotte, Hansjoerg Scherer, Stephen Giblin, Steven Judge
Re-entrant ionization chambers (ICs) are essential to radionuclide metrology and nuclear medicine for maintaining standards and measuring half-lives. Metrology

Ohms Law Low-current Calibration System for Ionization Chambers

Dean G. Jarrett, Shamith U. Payagala, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Denis E. Bergeron, Jeffrey T. Cessna, Charles J. Waduwarage Perera, Neil M. Zimmerman
A system for the calibration of electrometers that measure currents from ionization chambers is described. The calibration system uses a 1 GΩ standard resistor

Non-fuel Antineutrino Contributions in the High Flux Isotope Reactor

PROSPECT COLLABORATION, Jerome J. LaRosa, Hans P. Mumm, Svetlana Nour, Mark A. Tyra, Denis E. Bergeron
Reactor neutrino experiments have seen major improvements in precision in recent years. With the experimental uncertainties starting to surpass those from
Created October 3, 2019