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Lonnie Cumberland (Fed)

Dr. Lonnie Cumberland currently works at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in Gaithersburg, Maryland as a Physicist in the Dosimetry Group of the Radiation Physics Division. His work focuses on high-dose dosimetry, researching and supporting ionizing radiation-processing activities for various applications and industry processes by assuring that the absorbed dose to the product, via dosimetry calibrations, which is often prescribed or limited by regulatory agencies, is traceable to NIST standards.

Given his diverse background in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Lonnie also performs a wide variety of computer modeling & simulations, computer software development in various computer languages and on different computing platforms as well constructing, developing, maintaining, and administering a multi-node division computer cluster.


On-chip Silicon Photonics Radiation Sensors

Nikolai N. Klimov, Zeeshan Ahmed, Lonnie T. Cumberland, Ileana M. Pazos, Ronald E. Tosh, Ryan P. Fitzgerald
We have examined the impact of cobalt-60-ray radiation up to 1 megagray (MGy) absorbed dose on silicon photonic devices. We do not find any systematic impact

Assessing Radiation Hardness of Silicon Photonic Sensors.

Zeeshan Ahmed, Lonnie T. Cumberland, Ronald E. Tosh, Nikolai N. Klimov, Ileana M. Pazos, Ryan P. Fitzgerald
In recent years silicon photonic platforms have undergone rapid maturation enabling not only optical communication but complex scientific experiments ranging

Uranium removal from seawater by means of polyamide 6 fibers directly grafted with diallyl oxalate through a single-step, solvent-free irradiation process

Travis C. Dietz, Claire E. Tomaszewski, Zois Tsinas, Dianne L. Poster, Aaron Barkatt, Mohammad Adel-Hadadi, Fred B. Bateman, Lonnie Cumberland, Erich Schneider, Karen Gaskell, Jay LaVerne, Mohamad Al-Sheikhly
To test the effectiveness of oxalate-based polymeric adsorbents in the recovery of uranium from seawater, diallyl oxalate (DAOx) was grafted onto polyamide 6

Investigation into the Standardization of Tc-99

Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Ronald Colle, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Brian E. Zimmerman, Lonnie T. Cumberland
The standardization of 99Tc by several primary methods was investigated. This was performed to support a new 99Tc transfer standard that has been developed and
Created October 3, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022