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Quality System for RPD Services and SRMs

The Radiation Physics Division (RPD) Quality System is the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources for the quality management of RPD calibration services and standard reference material production.

  • The top level document, NIST-QM-I, contains NIST-wide policies and procedures stemming (primarily) from the executive leadership of NIST, i.e., the NIST Director and Laboratory Directors. Many of these policies and procedures govern all activities at NIST and thereby are controlling in so far as these activities are part of providing calibration services.
  • The second level document, RPD-QM-II, contains policies, guides and procedures established and maintained by the Radiation Physics Division to meet its technical needs. The RPD-QM-II explicitly references NIST-QM-I and contains the quality-specific policies, guides and procedures for RPD service-related activities.
  • RPD Guides are protocols for the operational aspects of quality system. Guide examples include protocols for the management of complaints, nonconformance, and audits.
  • RPD Procedures are the standard operating procedures for the RPD services and standard reference materials covered by this manual.
  • Guide Forms
  • Document Revisions
  • Conformity Declaration
  • Management Files
  • RPD Fees for Services
Created March 4, 2010, Updated January 29, 2024