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Lizbeth Laureano-Perez (Fed)

Dr. Lizbeth Laureano-Pérez has served as the Co-coordinator of the SRM program in the Radioactivity Group and Radiation Physics Division (RPD), Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML), at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since June 2005. She has effectively supported the production and standardization of standard reference materials (SRM's) from production to standardization. Her work includes the preparation of SRMs, radioactive solutions and sources for measurement in different methods. Her focus is in the standardization of various radionuclides, using 4παβ liquid scintillation (LS) spectrometry and CIEMAT/NIST method. Her thorough experimental work and investigation skills have led to the publication of technical papers and have been instrumental in the issuance of complete and accurate standardization/certification of SRMs. Lizbeth also has assisted Group colleagues in various projects from environmental to nuclear medicine and participated as NIST lead in several important and significant international measurement comparisons.

Lizbeth received recognition in May 2006 for her guidance and leadership in upgrading and reinvigorating the Radioactivity SRM program resulting in increased productivity; in December 2008 NIST Bronze Medal Award, "For the revitalization and expansion of the NIST radioactive SRM program" and in October 2010 for exceptional efforts, leadership and exemplary technical skills in NIST's participation in the international comparison of the activity of 241Pu.


Update of the BIPM comparison BIPM.RI(II)-K1.Co-60 of activity measurements of the radionuclide 60Co to include the 2020 result of the PTB (Germany), the 2020 result of the NIST (United States), the 2020 result of the SMU (Slovakia), the 2021 result of th

R Coulon, C Michotte, S Courte, M Nonis, F van Wyngaardt, M Smith, A Bowan, C Keevers, E Clark, M Zarifi, A Ravindra, DB Kulkarni, R Sharma, Marco Capogni, P De Felice, M Capone, P Carconi, A Fazio, C Bobin, R Lins da Silva, A Leiras, J de Almeida Rangel, M Aguiar Leobino da Silva, A Iwahara, Denis E. Bergeron, Jeffrey T. Cessna, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Leticia Pibida, MW Van Rooy, Jf Lubbe, MJ van Staden, John Keightley, A Pearce, N Ramirez, E Bendall, S Collins, T Ziemek, E Lech, P Saganowski, M Czudek, A Listkowska, O Nahle, Karsten Kossert, M Takacs, M Krivosik, I Bonkova
Since 1976, 30 laboratories have submitted 85 samples of 60Co to the International Reference System (SIR) for activity comparison at the Bureau International

Preparation and Standardization of 229Th SRM 4328d

Ronald Colle, Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Morgan DiGiorgio
The certified massic activity for 229Th in SRM 4328d was obtained by 4παβ liquid scintillation (LS) counting by comparative measurements in 2022 against SRM

Primary standardization of 212Pb activity by liquid scintillation counting

Denis E. Bergeron, Jeffrey T. Cessna, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Leticia Pibida, Brian E. Zimmerman
An activity standard for 212Pb in equilibrium with its progeny was realized, based on triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) liquid scintillation (LS)
Created October 3, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022