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Quality System Document Management

Electronic copies of RPD Manuals, Guides, Procedures, and associated documents that reside on the NIST server are controlled. Document versions found elsewhere are uncontrolled. Approval records for all RPD Manuals, Guides, and Procedures are maintained in the RPD Quality System Office or on the RPD access-controlled quality site at L:\internal\ridshare\QUALITY\QUALITY\2017Obrien along with other documents cataloged according to the list below. Electronically tracked records are noted in the Management Document Binder.


Folder within L:\internal\ridshare\QUALITY\QUALITY\2017Obrien except where noted


Website Management


Website management

Controlled Documents Revision List

Chronologically listed document version list

Deleted Documents


Obsolete document versions





Memos, training documentation, quality report tracking and letters of significance

Guide and Procedure Review


Tracks RPD-QM-II level reviews

Management Meetings

L:\internal\ridshare\QUALITY\QUALITY\QTRreports and


Tracked documents and minutes if available






Assessment documents



Tracked forms and resolutions

Corrective Actions


Tracked forms and resolutions

Preventive Action


Tracked forms and resolutions

Change in Disseminated Value


Tracked forms and resolutions

Customer Comments


Tracked forms and resolutions

Facilities List


Scope listed by lab

Created March 4, 2010, Updated April 7, 2023