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Quality System Document Management

Electronic copies of RPD Manuals, Guides, Procedures, and associated documents that reside on the NIST server are controlled. Document versions found elsewhere are uncontrolled. Approval records for all RPD Manuals, Guides, and Procedures are maintained in the RPD Quality System Office along with other documents cataloged according to the list below. Electronically tracked records are noted in the Management Document Binder.

  • The Website Management plan details the electronic filing scheme and website management.
  • The Controlled Documents List tracks the locations of controlled documents and their dates of issuance.
  • The Revisions List tracks document revisions in chronological order.
  • The Deleted Documents section is an archive of obsolete document versions.
  • Memos, training documentation, quality report tracking and letters of significance to the RPD QS are archived in Correspondence.
  • The Guide Review section lists and summarizes RPD-QM-II level reviews.
  • Procedure Review activities are listed and summarized in this section.
  • Minutes, summaries, or notes from Management Meetings of significance are archived here.
  • Documents that result from Assessments are archived in this section.
  • Form RPD-G-04.A and other documents associated with client Complaints are archived in this section.
  • Form RPD-G-08.A and other documents associated with Corrective Action are archived in this section.
  • Preventive Action Form RPD-G-09.A and other associated documents are archived in this section.
  • Change in Disseminated Values Form RPD-G-12.A and other associated documents are archived in this section.
  • Customer opinions and suggestions submitted as Customer Comments are archived in this section.
  • The RPD Facilities List documents the physical locations used to conduct RPD Procedures
Created March 4, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019