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Shannon Hoogerheide (Fed)

Dr. Shannon Hoogerheide is a physicist in the Neutron Physics Group. Her research focuses on precision measurements of fundamental physics, including tests of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, using neutrons. In particular, she is a leader in an experiment to measure the neutron lifetime and is involved in an experiment to measure the spin rotation of polarized neutrons in a liquid helium target as well as a search for novel short range forces. Dr. Hoogerheide is also interested in using neutron interferometry to study fundamental physics and quantum materials and is involved in efforts to extend neutron interferometry to cryogenic samples. Dr. Hoogerheide also performs work in neutron standards and dosimetry, including calibrations of thermal neutron flux and high-dose neutron irradiations in the Californium Neutron Irradiation Facility.

Dr. Hoogerheide received a B.S. in Physics from Calvin College and an A.M. and a Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University, where she worked on measurements of the electron and positron magnetic moments. Prior to joining the Neutron Physics Group in 2015, Dr. Hoogerheide was a National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellow in the Atomic Spectroscopy Group at NIST where she performed measurements on highly charged ions extracted from the Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT) and stored in a compact Penning trap. She also worked on design and construction of a first-generation miniature EBIT (mini-EBIT) using compact permanent magnets. Dr. Hoogerheide is a member of the American Physical Society.


Progress on the BL2 beam measurement of the neutron lifetime

Shannon M. Hoogerheide, Jimmy P. Caylor, Evan R. Adamek, Eamon S. Anderson, Ripan Biswas, B. E. Crawford, Christina DeAngelis, Maynard S. Dewey, N Fomin, David M. Gilliam, Kyle Grammer, G L. Greene, Robert W. Haun, Jonathan Mulholland, Hans Pieter Mumm, Jeffrey S. Nico, William M. Snow, F E. Wietfeldt, Andrew Yue
A precise value of the neutron lifetime is important in several areas of physics, including determinations of the quark-mixing matrix element |Vud|, related

Neutron Spin Rotation Measurements

Jeffrey S. Nico, Shannon Hoogerheide, Hans Pieter Mumm, Murad Sarsour, J Amadio, Eamon Anderson, Libertad Barron-Palos, Bret Crawford, Chris Crawford, D. Esposito, Walter Fox, I Francis, J Fry, Chris Haddock, Adam Holley, Kirill Korsak, J Lieers, S Magers, M. Maldonado-Velazquez, D Mayorov, T Okudaira, C Paudel, S Santra, H.M. Shimizu, William M. Snow, A. Sprow, K. Steen, H E. Swanson, John Vanderwerp, P. A. Yergeau
The neutron spin rotation (NSR) collaboration used parity-violating spin rotation of transversely polarized neutrons transmitted through a 0.5 m liquid helium

Capture of Highly Charged Ions in a Pseudo-Hyperbolic Paul Trap

Joan M. Dreiling, Aung S. Naing, Joseph N. Tan, Joshua Hanson, Shannon Hoogerheide, Samuel M. Brewer
The confinement of ions in a radio-frequency (RF) trap (also known as a Paul trap) has proven to be advantageous in many applications. Typically, singly- or few

Experiments with highly-ionized atoms in unitary Penning traps

Shannon Hoogerheide, Aung Naing, Joan M. Dreiling, Samuel M. Brewer, Nicholas D. Guise, Joseph N. Tan
Highly-ionized atoms with special properties have been proposed for interesting applications, including potential candidates for a new generation of optical
Created October 23, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022