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Eli Baltic

Twelve years' experience in maintaining a thermal neutron imaging facility at the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR). Duties included: working in a radiation area; handling activated samples; working with cryogenic liquids for cooling Bismuth filters; assembling and operating hydrogen fuel cells in a neutron beam; operating, calibrating, and maintaining a state-of-the-art fuel cell test stand; component purchasing, installing, and maintaining a gas manifold for use with hydrogen and pure oxygen; setting up facility user experiments on a motorized 5-axis sample table; maintenance and operation of neutron imaging detectors (including ANDOR CCD cameras, Varian Paxscan 2520 detectors, and custom MCP detectors); training users on the use of the fuel cell test stand and imaging detectors; operating, calibrating, and maintaining a freeze chamber; use of the crane to move experimental apparatus and radiation shielding; use the mill, lathe, and other equipment in the machine shop to machine parts for experiments. Assist support staff in removing and reinstalling shielding. Fill and rework radiation shielding. Assist staff members with facility upgrades by creating work orders and working with plant services to ensure job is completed timely and correctly. Assist the support staff by regularly interacting with the procurement department on large purchase orders. Coordinate weekly with the health physics department to have neutron imaging guest researchers equipment cleared to be shipping back to the guest researcher. Package and hand deliver guest researchers experiment equipment Training received to perform duties: radiation safety training, crane training, flammable gas safety training, oxygen safety training, fire extinguisher training, machine safety training, fuel cell test stand operation, liquid cryogen training, orbital welder training, Swagelok fittings & tube bending training and laboratory chemistry training. Received five days of intensive training at GM Powertrain Global Headquarters specializing in automotive large scale fuel cell test stands, and small scale fuel cell test stands that are used primarily for general fuel cell research.


A New Cold Neutron Imaging Instrument at NIST

Daniel S. Hussey, Christoph W. Brocker, David L. Jacobson, Thomas R. Gentile, Wangchun Chen, Elias M. Baltic, DV Baxter, J. Doskow, Muhammad D. Arif
The NIST neutron imaging program will build a new imaging instrument in the NCNR guide hall at the end of the neutron guide NG-6, beginning operation in summer

Changing Optical Axis Due To Reactor Operation

Daniel S. Hussey, David L. Jacobson, Elias M. Baltic
During reactor operation, the neutron flux distribution is modified by the reactor control mechanisms, in the case of the reactor at the National Institute of
Created October 9, 2019