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Svetlana Nour

I am a radiochemist trained in developing/optimizing radioanalytical methods for radioactivity analyses quantifying radionuclide massic activities in different matrices.

I used and optimized over the years a range of radiochemical techniques for separation of radionuclides from a wide variety of matrices (from pure solution to complex environmental and biological samples). Those includes:

  • different techniques of samples dissolution such as fusion, total acid dissolution/decomposition, and leaching.
  • radiochemical separation of radionuclides (precipitation, co-precipitation, anion-exchange, and chromatographic separation);
  • alpha spectrometry including source preparation (co-precipitation and electrodeposition), and spectrum analysis using different approaches and software such as Genie-2000, Alpha Vision, and ROI method.
  • beta spectrometry based on Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) and Proportional Counting techniques including source preparation, efficiency calibration, and data evaluation.
  • gamma spectrometry including calibration of gamma detectors with a wide range of matrices (from pure solution to complex matrices and phantoms).

Within the Radioactivity Group's efforts in developing Standard Reference Materials (SRM) I am actively involved in International Laboratory Intercomparison projects to certify Natural Certified Reference Materials and to determine radioactive impurities in pure SRMs.

I am actively involved in two Proficiency Testing (PT) Programs: the Radiological Traceability Program (RTP) between the DOE Reference Laboratory, the Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory (RESL); and NIST Radiochemistry Intercomparison Program (NRIP) by preparing and characterizing performance testing materials and conducting measurement traceability evaluations of participating radianalytical laboratories.


Non-fuel Antineutrino Contributions in the High Flux Isotope Reactor

PROSPECT COLLABORATION, Jerome J. LaRosa, Hans P. Mumm, Svetlana Nour, Mark A. Tyra, Denis E. Bergeron
Reactor neutrino experiments have seen major improvements in precision in recent years. With the experimental uncertainties starting to surpass those from

Preparation and calibration of a Protactinium-231 reference material

Richard M. Essex, Ross W. Williams, Kerri C. Treinen, Ronald Colle, Ryan P. Fitzgerald, Raphael Galea, John Keightley, Jerome J. LaRosa, Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Svetlana Nour, Leticia S. Pibida
A 231Pa reference material has been characterized for amount of Pa. This reference material is primarily intended for calibration of 233Pa tracers produced for
Created October 3, 2019