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Lynne E. King (Fed)

Before working at NIST Ms. King completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at Hood College and worked as a student aide in the Immuno-Biology Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health.

Ms. King joined the Radioactivity Group in 1998 as a guest researcher. She was part of a team that produces short-lived radioactive SRMs for the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. Her experience included preparation of a wide variety of source materials and geometries. She continued her education by completing courses in radiochemistry, experimental design, genetics, microbiology, and calculus.

In 2004 Ms. King was hired to conduct several calibration services within the Radioactivity Group. These services include Proficiency Tests and the calibration of Alpha-, Beta- and mixed-alpha-emitting solid-sources. Primary measurements for these calibrations are conducted with 2π gas proportional counters. In this position she has explored; particle attenuation, source geometry, detector design, and the impacts on spectral shape. In addition to supporting the group and division in a number of ways, she assists in the gamma-spectroscopy laboratory.


Created October 3, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022