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NIST Interagency or Internal Reports (NISTIR)

NISTIR 5672: Advanced Mass Calibrations and Measurement Assurance Program for State Calibration Laboratories
Editions: 2019

NISTIR 6176: Process Measurement Assurance Program For U.S. State Metrology Laboratories
Editions: 1998

NISTIR 6919: Recommended Guide for Determining and Reporting Uncertainties for Balances and Scales
Editions: 2002 - Revision: Jan. 2002

NISTIR 6969: Selected Laboratory and Measurement Practices, and Procedures to Support Basic Mass Calibrations
Editions: 2019

NISTIR 7082: Proficiency Test Policy and Plan (for State Weights and Measures Laboratories)
Editions: 2018

NISTIR 7214: Weights and Measures Division Quality Manual For Proficiency Testing and Interlaboratory Comparisons
Editions: 2005

NISTIR 7383: Selected Procedures for Volumetric Calibrations
Editions: 2019

NISTIR 8028: Selected Laboratory and Measurement Practices and Procedures for Length Calibrations
Editions: 2014

NISTIR 8250: Calibration Procedures for Weights and Measures Laboratories
Editions: 2019

Created December 15, 2010, Updated May 31, 2019