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Welcome 2023 Spring Montgomery College Interns!

Lloyd Bekele and Arghavan (Angie) Tehrani have joined the Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) as Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) interns. Through the PREP and other programs, NIST collaborates with universities, such as Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland to offer Science, Technology, Engineering STEM students work experience opportunities.

Photo of OWM Intern Lloyd Bekele
Lloyd Bekele

Lloyd Bekele

Lloyd Bekele is currently pursuing an associate degree in computer science at Montgomery College and plans to transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science focusing on machine learning or data science. In her spare time, she cultivates her creative side by exploring the art of cooking. Her culinary skills provide a relaxing outlet and enhance her ability to think outside the box. Lloyd is excited about the countless possibilities that technology holds and is determined to use her knowledge and skills to drive positive change in the world.


Photo of OWM Intern Arghavan (Angie) Tehrani
Arghavan (Angie) Tehrani

Arghavan (Angie) Tehrani

Arghavan (Angie) Tehrani is a sophomore at Montgomery College where she’s currently taking prerequisite classes to transfer to the University of Shady Grove to achieve a bachelor’s degree in public health. Her career goals include attending Physicians Assistant (PA) school with a career in hospital emergency department service. During her free time, she is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and volunteers at a local fire station. Angie loves helping her community.


Both interns are working part-time over 15 weeks with their mentor, Elizabeth Benham, to analyze and implement website updates, research new metric recipes and develop companion NIST Metric Kitchen demonstration videos, and publish education outreach activities that highlight the importance of science, measurement, and the metric system. For students, this internship is an opportunity to enhance their education as well as help NIST develop a diverse, world-class pool of scientists and engineers to support our mission.


Created March 11, 2023, Updated October 24, 2023