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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - General – Miscellaneous

Please contact NIST OWM Staff for the latest technical information.


Key WordsArticleIssue
J-036STEM, metric, national metric week, NCTM, SI, education, USMACelebrate National Metric WeekOctober 2021
J-035Webinar, training, virtualDemand for Webinar Offerings Continues to GrowOctober 2021
J-034Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Properties of LPG
Method of Sale
Tare Determination
Labeling Requirements
Net Content Verification
Refilling Locations
Compressed or Liquified Gases In Refillable Cylinders
Allowable Difference
Allowable Tolerance
HB 130
Liquified Petroleum Gas 20 Pound CylindersJuly 2021

HB130, HB133, HB44
Historical report

NCWM Annual

NIST Handbooks 44, 130, and 133 and NCWM Annual ReportsApril 2021



Writing with the SIJanuary 2021



New on-demand Webinar on NIST HB130 Method of Sale and HB133 Test procedure for mulch and soilsJanuary 2021

Survey Foot


Final Notice on the Deprecation of the U.S. Survey Foot IssuedOctober 2020



The Office of Weights and Measures Received Renewal of IACET AccreditationOctober 2018
J-027NIST, website, OWMThe Office of Weights and Measure (OWM): Our Website is Getting a New Look/BETA Launch is Here!June 2016
J-024Unit pricing guide Consumer Value comparisons SP1181New Best Practices Guide Shows Unit Pricing Is a Great Deal!February 2015
J-023ATM Alternative test methodsU.S. National Working Group on Alternative Test Methods, Field Task Group ActivitiesDecember 2014
J-022Training Education IACET CEUOffice of Weights and Measures Receives Important "Continuing Education" AccreditationJune 2013
J-021Thermometers Calibration Temperature sensingNIST Launches New Website to Educate Industry about Alternatives to Mercury ThermometersMarch 2013
J-020TrainingTraining Excellence: What Does It Look Like?August 2012
J-019Weights and MeasuresNIST Weights and Measures Division: Our Roles and ResponsibilitiesApril 2010
J-018Handbook 44, General
Code (G-UR.1.1.)
Suitability of Equipment
Suitability of Equipment - Interpreting and Applying NIST Handbook 44 General Code Paragraph G-UR.1.1.Winter 2009
J-017Maintenance tolerance Acceptance toleranceApplying Correct TolerancesSeptember 2007
J-016Purpose of NIST Handbook 44 Technical Requirements Examination Procedure Outlines (EPOs)
NIST Training Seminars
Technical Support form NIST Staff
Field Manuals
Device Inspection - Where to Find HelpJune 2007
J-015Standards Development Process
Submission of Issues
Adoption of Weights and Measures Device Standards
Standards Development Process and Submission of IssuesJune 2007
Suitability of equipment
Suitability of Installation and Variations of Weighing and Measuring Devices Covered by an NTEP CCMarch 2006
J-013CalibrationWho's Who in Calibration Accreditation?November 2005
J-012New TechnologyChanging Technology and the Weights & Measures OfficialNovember 2005
J-011Quantity Inspections
Quality Inspections
Quantity Versus Quality -- Taking ShortcutsMarch 2005
J-010NIST Handbook 44Using NIST Handbook 44November 2004
J-009Repeatability TolerancesHow to Apply Repeatability TolerancesMay 2004
J-008Accuracy Testing
Repeatability Testing
Accuracy and Repeatability Testing -- What's the Difference?February 2004
J-007Audit TrailsInspecting Equipment with Audit TrailsDecember 2003
J-005Industry Standards
Legal Requirements
Industry Standards versus Legal RequirementsMay 2003
J-004Metric TransitionTransition to the Metric System - A Window of OpportunityMarch 2003
Internet Shopping
E-Business -- Shop SafelyNovember 2002
J-001E-CommerceL&R Committee to Consider Proposal Affecting E-Commerce and Catalog SalesNovember 2000
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