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Metrication Costs and Benefits

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Use of the SI facilitates trade and business internationally and spurs economic growth. U.S. trading partners primarily use the metric system in trade and commerce. Organizations involved in both domestic and foreign activities find using the SI advantageous. Industries that adopt SI infrastructure and best practices benefit from improved interoperability of materials and product efficiency. Eliminating the need to maintain dual inventories is beneficial (e.g., one manufactured to non-SI or U.S. customary practices for domestic markets and another manufactured to SI for export purposes).  Learn more about metrication best practices.

Replacing a measurement system with another requires investment. Organizations that have converted generally have found that costs are less than anticipated and that the efficiency benefit of utilizing the SI, an internationally recognized measurement system, exceeds the cost of conversion.

Organizations should assess the costs and impact of not adopting metric best practices. The inability to produce products, communicate information, or provide services using the SI to national and international consumers that prefer or require metric measurements could place an organization at a competitive disadvantage. Nationally coordinated sector implementation is recommended.

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Created July 13, 2022, Updated July 26, 2022