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Legal Metrology Publication Series: SP 2200

Graphic image with scale in front and person typing on a laptop in the background. Text on image reads: NIST Office of Weights and Measures, NIST SP 2200 Legal Metrology Publication Series.

The publications in the SP 2200 series provide information on the status and development of U.S. and international legal metrology documentary standards; SI usage, facilitation, and best practices; and technical guidance and training as provided by OWM. In general, these legal metrology standards and services describe the regulatory practices of measurements and measuring instruments to achieve uniform application in the sales of commercial products and services. The publications in this series also provide additional technical information that is not provided in the NIST Handbook series.

Series Number Title Status Release Date
SP 2200-01 2022 NCWM-NIST National Survey on 20 lb LPG (Propane) Cylinders  Published 10/19/2022
SP 2200-02 2022 NIST Summary of U.S. Legal Metrology Activities Coming soon July 2023
SP 2200-03 An Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Commercial Electric Vehicle Fueling Coming soon August 2023
SP 2200-04 International Legal Metrology Activities:  A 2023 NIST OWM Update Coming soon August 2023



Created October 19, 2022, Updated May 25, 2023