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Radiation Physics: Research Highlights

NIST scientists and engineers perform fundamental research in measurement science and provide critical, unique radiation sources, services and data for academia and U.S. industry. Their work is vital to advancing health care, strengthening national security, safely producing nuclear energy and much more. Through its resources and expertise, NIST provides national measurement standards to everyone in the country through an unbroken chain of measurements. Learn more about some of our research highlights:

A man sits in front of a series of clear cases
Larry Hudson with the more than 20 sets of artifacts that were used with the NIST Standard test article for checked-baggage screening using Computed Tomography (CT). The artifacts and standard are used to measure image quality as the cases are passed thru CT scanners via conveyor belts. These artifacts were  shipped to all manufacturers who were supplying scanners to TSA. They are also used in the TSA test facilities in New Jersey and Virginia. Larry also arranged for one set to go the European Union test facility for security technologies in Belgium. This was critical to make sure that acceptance tests for equipment for the European airports are based on the same standards as we use in USA.
Credit: NIST
Created July 30, 2019, Updated September 20, 2019