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Chapter 12 Depth profiling

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
Microwave tomography is an active, developing research area. The objective is to visualize hidden, subsurface features through application of microwave

Chapter 13. Dynamics of nanoscale magnetic systems

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
The topic of nanoscale magnetic systems is broad and could easily provide enough material for an entire book on its own. In this chapter, as in previous ones

Chapter 6. Characterization of nanofiber devices

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
Previous chapters have introduced and described a variety of measurement techniques for RF nanoelectronic devices. Here, our objective is to work through an

Chapter 7. Probe-based measurement systems

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
In the preceding chapters, we have focused on broadband, calibrated measurements of nanoelectronic devices. In particular, we have described measurement

Chapter 3. Extreme Impedance Measurements

Pavel Kabos, Thomas M. Wallis
Microwave measurements of RF nanoelectronic devices present numerous challenges. Among these, perhaps the most difficult measurement challenge arises from the

Near-field microwave microscopy of one-dimensional nanostructures

Samuel Berweger, Paul T. Blanchard, Rebecca C. Quardokus, Frank W. DelRio, Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos, Sergiy Krylyuk, Albert Davydov
With the ability to measure sample conductivity with nanometer spatial resolution, scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) is a powerful tool to study nanoscale

Near-field control and imaging of free charge carrier variations in GaN nanowires

Samuel Berweger, Paul T. Blanchard, Matthew D. Brubaker, Kevin J. Coakley, Norman A. Sanford, Thomas M. Wallis, Kristine A. Bertness, Pavel Kabos
Despite their uniform crystallinity, the shape and faceting of semiconducting nanowires (NWs) can give rise to variations in structure and associated electronic

Introduction to the Special Issue

Thomas M. Wallis, Goutam Chattopadhyay, Fabio Cocetti, Luca Pierantoni
In the inaugural editorial of these IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology – September 2011, the editor-in-chief anticipated that the work

Microwave Near-Field Imaging of Two-Dimensional Semiconductors

Samuel Berweger, Joel C. Weber, Jimmy J. Li, Jesus M. Velazquez, Adam Pieterick, Norman A. Sanford, Albert V. Davydov, Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
Optimizing new generations of 2D devices based on van der Waals materials will require techniques capable of measuring variations in electronic properties in

GaN nanowire coated with atomic layer deposition of tungsten: a probe for near-field scanning microwave microscopy

Joel C. Weber, Paul T. Blanchard, Aric W. Sanders, Jonas Gertsch, Steven George, Samuel Berweger, Atif A. Imtiaz, Thomas M. Wallis, Kristine A. Bertness, Pavel Kabos, Norman A. Sanford, victor bright
We report on the fabrication of a GaN nanowire probe for near-field scanning microwave microscopy. The probe has a capacitive resolution of ~0.03 fF, surpassing