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Chapter 5. Modeling and validation of RF nanoelectronic devices



Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos


The development and engineering of nanoelectronic devices has been characterized by several significant technological trends. In addition to the ongoing scaling of feature sizes down to nanoscale dimensions, the need for superior performance has driven the integration of novel materials as well as the incorporation of additional device functionalities. In turn, these trends require advanced manufacturing technologies. At the same time, the clock frequencies of nanolectronic devices have increased into the microwave and millimeter-wave range. Importantly, these trends affect not only the engineering of active devices, but also the design of interconnects between devices.
Measurement Techniques for Radio Frequency Nanoelectronics
Publisher Info
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, -1


microwave measurements, finite-element modeling, circuit modeling, nanoelectronics
Created September 15, 2017, Updated April 25, 2018