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Meet the Team

Material Measurement Laboratory 

     Chemical Sciences Division

John Kucklick
Supervisory Research Biologist

Catherine Rimmer
Supervisory Research Chemist

Jessica Reiner
Research Chemist

Benjamin Place
Research Chemist

Alix Rodowa
Research Chemist

Bruce Benner
Research Chemist

Vincent Shen
Supervisory Chemical Engineer

Jared Ragland
Research Biologist

Carolyn Burdette
Research Chemist


Engineering Laboratory

     Fire Research Division

Rick Davis
Supervisory Materials Research Engineer

Andrew Maizel
Research Associate

Kathleen Hoffman
Physical Science Technician

Ryan Falkenstein-Smith
Mechanical Engineer

Andre Thompson
Materials Research Engineer

Michelle Donnelly
Fire Protection Engineer

Ickchan Kim
Guest Researcher

Created September 12, 2022, Updated July 27, 2023