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Firefighter Safety

Firefighter PFAS
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

There is growing evidence that firefighters are being exposed to PFAS associated with their gear. The source of the PFAS may be from the firefighter gear (FFG) construction materials or manufacturing process, deterioration of the FFG while in use, and/or deposition on the FFG while at the fire scene. To characterize and reduce the firefighter’s risk of being exposed to PFAS, NIST is administering a new study to understand the type, prevalence, and concentration of PFAS on the FFG, the source of PFAS, and the mechanism for PFAS release from the FFG. 

This study is being coordinated by the NIST’s Flammability Reduction Group. For more information on this project or other research in this group please contact Dr. Rick Davis at rick.davis [at] (rick[dot]davis[at]nist[dot]gov) or 301-975-5901.

Created September 13, 2022