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Interlaboratory Studies

Researchers at NIST regularly perform interlaboratory studies [], where participating laboratories are given test materials to perform specific measurements and then participants return their results to NIST. These results are summarized in comparison reports (often anonymized) to allow participating laboratories to understand how their internal methods perform in comparison with the rest of their measurement community. Participation is voluntarily and is no or minimal cost (e.g., material shipping) to participate.

Upcoming Interlaboratory Studies

  • AFFF Interlaboratory Study #2
    Scope: Participants must use EPA Draft Method 1633 to measure targeted PFAS in four AFFF formulations (diluted)
    Timeline: Fall 2022
  • PFAS Non-Targeted Analysis Interlaboratory Study
    Scope: Participants must use LC-HRMS/MS methods and NIST PFAS Mass Spectral Database (in progress) to detect and identify PFAS in complex environmental extracts.
    Timeline:  Winter 2023

Previous Interlaboratory Studies

Created September 13, 2022, Updated September 21, 2022