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Research Opportunities in PML

Dan Hussey in shielded cave
PML's Dan Hussey in the shielded cave where the neutron microscope will be housed.
Credit: Jennifer Lauren Lee/NIST
NIST researcher David Leibrandt
NIST researcher David Leibrandt and the quantum logic clock.
Credit: Burrus/NIST
A woman leans over an MRI machine to reach a set of samples in a round holder, while a man sits behind her at a computer looking at MRI images.
NIST researchers Kalina Jordanova and Stephen Ogier conduct MRI measurements using a magnetic field strength of 64 millitesla (mT).
Credit: R. Jacobson/NIST

Precision Measurement Grants

NIST sponsors these grants to encourage basic, measurement related research and to foster contacts between NIST scientists and researchers who are actively engaged advancing measurement science.

Postdoctoral Programs

PML sets the definitive U.S. standards for nearly every kind of measurement employed in commerce and research, and is a world leader in the science of measurement. PML relies on outstanding postdoctoral research associates to aid in those efforts.

Student Programs

PML is involved in a wide range of programs designed for high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers.

Current NIST Career Opportunities

NIST has a high-performing and multidisciplinary workforce committed to achieving excellence. From physicists to contract specialists, engineers to administrative assistants, IT specialists to electricians, all play a vital role in the success of the NIST mission. NIST strives to create a collaborative and innovative workplace that empowers staff to do their best work.

View all NIST PML careers at>>

Divisional Research Opportunities

Thinh Bui with the Thermal MagIC system
Thinh Bui with the Thermal MagIC system.
Credit: Jennifer Lauren Lee/NIST

Applied Physics Division (Boulder)

The division's mission is to advance measurement science technology in areas of critical importance to national priority needs, such as, advanced manufacturing, national security, quantum communications, strategic computing, and quantitative imaging.

Nanoscale Device Characterization Division (Gaithersburg)

The division transforms nano- and atom-scale technologies by advancing measurement science and fundamental knowledge.

Quantum Measurement Division (Gaithersburg)

The Quantum Measurement Division (QMD) provides the physical foundation for the International System of Units (Système International d'Unités or SI), colloquially referred to as the metric system.

Quantum Sensors Division (Boulder)

The division advances the detection of photons and particles in a variety of application areas using superconducting sensors and readout electronics.

Sensor Science Division (Gaithersburg)

The division advances the measurement science, standards, and applications for dimensional, optical radiation, and thermodynamic quantities to support U.S. industry and trade. We maintain and disseminate standards for three of the seven SI base units: the kelvin (temperature), the meter (length), and the candela (luminous intensity).


Created July 16, 2009, Updated March 1, 2024