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PML Postdoctoral Opportunities

The Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology comprises nine divisions and dozens of groups. In all of them, postdoctoral research opportunities abound.

PML sets the definitive U.S. standards for nearly every kind of measurement employed in commerce and research, and is a world leader in the science of measurement. PML relies on outstanding postdoctoral research associates to aid in those efforts.

Associates serve a two-year term, working directly with staff scientists in one of many fundamental measurement research and applied metrology programs at PML's Gaithersburg, MD, and Boulder, CO facilities. The range of fields and topics is wide. PML applies its capabilities to problems of national significance, in fields such as communications, defense, electronics, energy, environment, health, lighting, manufacturing, microelectronics, radiation, remote sensing, space, and transportation.

Postdoctoral Research Associates come to PML through a variety of sources and programs listed below. For questions about these and other programs, send e-mail to pmlpostdoc [at] (pmlpostdoc[at]nist[dot]gov)

NRC Research Associateship Programs
The National Institute of Standards and Technology, in cooperation with the National Research Council (NRC), offers awards for postdoctoral research. The NRC, through its Associateship Programs office, conducts a national competition to recommend outstanding scientists and engineers at the postdoctoral level for tenure as guest researchers at NIST.


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JILA Research Opportunities
JILA is a joint enterprise between NIST and the University of Colorado (CU). NIST participates through PML's Quantum Physics Division. Participating CU departments include Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences.


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Professional Research Experience Program
The Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) at NIST is designed to provide valuable laboratory experience and financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Colorado at Boulder and from the Colorado School of Mines at Golden, CO. The program is also available to postdoctoral researchers. The research is normally carried out in NIST's laboratories.


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Joint Quantum Institute Research Opportunities
The Joint Quantum Institute and the Physics Frontier Center at JQI offers research opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. JQI is located on the College Park campus of the University of Maryland, adjacent to Washington D.C. Researchers can work at either the NIST or UMD campus. The new UMD Physical Sciences Complex houses many JQI Fellows, including PML scientists.


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Created December 30, 2013, Updated February 14, 2024