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SIM Quality System Documentation

The Quality Systems Task Force (QSTF) of the Inter-american Metrology System (SIM)

The Inter-american Metrology System (SIM) was created to raise the standards of basic metrology in each country in the hemisphere, and to promote regional and international cooperation in metrology, based upon mutual confidence among the region's national metrology institutes (NMI). One significant way in which member organizations gain confidence is through acceptance of the Quality Management Systems the institutes use to provide reliable measurement services. The SIM Quality System Task Force provides the forum within which NMIs and their Designated Institutes can review and approve each other's Quality Management Systems.

The documents provided through this page provide guidance on how to submit and present quality management information to the QSTF. An example presentation and set of submitted documents used by Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI) of Argentina to gain approval for their QMS in support of chemical metrology is also provided.


Example presentation to the QSTF: INTI Presentation of QMS supporting CMCs in Chemistry

Example submission to the QSTF in advance of their presentation (zipped file)

Guidance Documents



Sally Bruce, Chair, QSTF

Andrew Conn, Secretariat, QSTF

Created August 26, 2013, Updated May 29, 2020