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What is a "Legal Metrology Device"?

A "legal metrology device" refers to a weighing or measuring device that is used to determine a quantity on which a charge is based for goods or service. It also refers to devices such as those used for law enforcement purposes such as scales used for highway weight enforcement. Legal metrology devices are often referred to as "commercial" weighing and measuring devices. The types of devices are divided into the following broad categories:

  • Weighing Devices including grocery and deli scales, jewelers and prescription balances, and vehicle scales;
  • Measuring Devices including retail motor-fuel dispensers (or gas pumps), vehicle mounted meters for delivering home heating oil, and liquefied petroleum gas liquiding devices for delivering; commercial propane to homes and businesses; and
  • Other Device Types including grain moisture meters, taximeters, and multiple dimension measuring devices.


Created May 31, 2023