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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Weighing

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Key Words Article Issue
A-036 Scales
Making Sense of the “Min” Marking on Class I and II Scales October 2020
A-035 Hopper scales; scales; HB44; specifications; tolerances; measuring; weighing Hopper Scales, Selecting the Appropriate Device December 2015
A-034 Belt-conveyor; scales; HB44; specifications; tolerances Tightening the Belt (on Belt-Conveyor Scale Systems) March 2014
A-033 Bulk materials; weighing; HB44; clean sweep Clean Sweep August 2011
A-032 Tare; scales; HB44; weighing Are you Getting What You Pay For? How Scale Use Affects Transaction Accuracy July 2011
A-031 Tare Proposed NIST Handbook 44 Requirements for Tare - Part 2, Terminology and Definitions September
A-030 Tare Proposed NIST Handbook 44 Requirements for Tare - Part 1, Background September 2008
A-029 Specifications Tolerances Devices Calibrations Devices Just Calibrated - Acceptance Tolerances Apply, Right? June 2008
A-028 Weighing Devices Large Capacity Scales Overcoming Roadblocks of Testing Large Capacity Scales June 2008
A-027 Weight for shift tests Shift test loads Test pattern Position of test weights Shift test procedures New Shift Test Loads and Test Patterns for Platform Scales with Less than Three Sections September 2007
A-026 Multi-interval Multiple Range Tolerances Determination of Test Loads & Tolerances for Multi-interval and Multiple Range Weighing Instruments March 2007
A-025 Marking Requirements Multiple Platforms Totalizing Indicating Element Marking Requirements and Proper Testing Procedures for Vehicle Scales Equipped with Multiple Independent Platforms Interfaced with a Totalizing Indicating Element November 2006
A-024 Vehicle Stored Tare National Stored Tare Vehicle Study Concluded November 2006
A-023 Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Inspection Markings Indicating elements Recording elements Zero-balance condition Price look-up (PLU) Increasing-load Decreasing-load Tare Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Interfaced with Scales Part 2 - Examination September 2006
A-022 Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Card readers Cash acceptors Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Interfaced with Scales Part 1 - Background September 2006
A-021 Split-draft weighing Two-draft weighing Double-draft weighing Double weighing Split-draft Weighing September 2006
A-020 Sectional Tests Shift Tests Vehicle Scales Livestock Scales Railroad Track Scales Agreement of Indications Agreement of Indications on Shift or Section Tests September 2006
A-019 Retail Computing Scales Pricing Feature Price Accuracy Fractional Unit Pricing Multiple Feature Legal Pricing Features Retail Computing Scales-Are You Able to Detect a Noncompliant Pricing Feature? June 2006
A-018 Discrimination Test Conducting Discrimination Tests June 2006
A-017 Belt-Conveyor Scale Systems Initial Test Material Test Belt-Conveyor Scale Systems Questions on Testing June 2006
A-016 Ratio Test Why Ratio Test? August 2005
A-015 Remote Displays Vehicle Scales Vehicle Scales and Remote Displays August 2005
A-014 Test Load Defining a "Test Load" June 2005
A-013 Reference Scale Using Reference Scales (corrected as of June 2005) March 2005
A-012 Automatic Weighing System AWS Examination of Automatic Weighing Systems (AWS) March 2005
A-011 Counting Feature Prescription Scale Testing the Counting Feature on a Prescription Scale November 2004
A-010 Manual Weight Manual Gross, Tare and Net Weight Entries on Scales November 2004
A-009 Error Weights Strain-Load Testing The Importance of Using Error Weights in Strain-Load Testing August 2004
A-008 Weight Classifiers Markings and Tolerance Application for Weight Classifiers May 2004
A-007 Span Load Vehicle Scale Testing the Maximum Span Load on a Vehicle Scale May 2004
A-006 Shift Test Understanding Shift Test Requirements February 2004
A-005 Multi-Interval Multiple Range Tests for Multi-interval and Multiple Range Weighing Instruments February 2004
A-004 Weight Cart Error Weights NIST HB 105-8 Use of Fuel Error Weights on NIST HB 105-8 Compliant Weight Carts December 2003
A-003 Tolerances Applying One-half "d" Tolerances March 2003
A-002 Vehicle Scale AZSM Testing Class III L Vehicle Scales with AZSM February 2002
A-001 Railroad Scale Railroad Weighing Issues November 2001
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Created August 22, 2011, Updated March 28, 2022