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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Grain Moisture Meters/NIR

Please contact NIST OWM Staff for the latest technical information.


Key Words Article Issue
C-012 Test weight
Grain moisture meters
Meter scales
Determining Reference Test Weight per Bushel Value of Grains September 2013
C-011 Moisture meters
Air-oven reference methods
Grain Moisture Air-Oven Reference Methods in the United States November 2012
(updated:  July 2016)
C-010 Grain moisture
Temperature compensation
Variances tolerances
A New Generation of Grain Moisture Meters February 2012
C-009 Grain moisture
Air oven reference
Grain Moisture Meter Test Methods and Tolerances May 2011
C-008 Grain moisture
Temperature measuring devices
Field testing
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series, Part 4 – Grain Preparation, Maintenance and Storage of Grain Transfer Standards, Equipment and Apparatus, and Field Test Procedures September 2008
C-007 Near infrared technology
Grain moisture
Beer-Lambert Law
Characteristic absorption bands
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 3 - Grain Moisture Meter Measurement Technology - Near Infrared September 2007
C-006 Economic impact
Grain moisture meters
Moisture loss
Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 2 - The Economic Impact of Errors in Moisture Measurements March 2007
C-005 Grain Moisture Meters Grain Moisture Meter (GMM) Series Part 1 - Overview of GMM Series Topics November 2006
C-004 Grain Moisture Meters
Dielectric technology
Air-oven reference method
What do Grain Moisture Meters Measure and How are they Calibrated? September 2006
C-003 Testing Grain Moisture Meters
Testing Grain Moisture Meters (GMMs) May 2004
C-002 GMM
Test Weight
New Requirements for Grain Moisture Meters Capable of Measuring Test Weight February 2004
C-001 NIR
Moisture Basis
Near Infrared (NIR) Device Inspection and Moisture Basis November 2002
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Created August 22, 2011, Updated March 28, 2022