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Weights and Measures Newsletter Archives - Fuel Quality

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Key Words Article Issue

Handbook 130
method of sale commodities
automotive lubricants regulation
electronic code of federal regulations
40 CFR Part 1090

NIST Handbook 130 Related to EPA Final Rule, Fuels Regulatory Streamlining October 2021
E-006 Handbook 158; fuel; motor oil; quality testing; testing methods Office of Weights and Measures Publishes: Fuel and Motor Oil Sampling Handbook for Field Officials June 2016
E-005 Handbook 130; engine fuels; oil Technical Correction to 2015 NIST Handbook 130, Uniform Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulations June 2015
E-004 Volume
Oil products
Fluid metrology
Petroleum Volume: Getting Calibrations in the Can June 2012
E-003 Premium diesel fuel – definition Definition of Premium Diesel Fuel Gets an Overhaul September 2003
E-002 Analog dispensers
Measurement range
Range of computing elements
Computing capability
Suitability of equipment
Design specifications
Total price computing capability
Total sale capacity
Total volume capacity
Total Sale Capacity for Analog Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers September 2007
E-001 Diesel Fuel NCWM Adopts L&R's Recommendations on Diesel Fuel August 1998
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Created September 26, 2011, Updated March 28, 2022