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U.S. Retail Pricing Laws and Regulations by State

For specific questions regarding this information, please contact the State Directors


State Weights and Measures Law Subsection Excerpts of Price Posting and Unit Pricing Law, Regulation, or Statute
Alabama n/a  
Alaska Alaska Weights and Measures Act Alaska Retail Pricing Law
Arizona Arizona Statutes

Arizona Retail Price Posting and Price Verification

Arkansas n/a  
California California Legislation California Retail Pricing Law
Colorado n/a  

Consumer Protection Regulations

Connecticut Price Posting Regulation
Delaware n/a  
District of Columbia n/a  
Florida Weights and Measures Act of 1971

Florida Statutes Unit Pricing

Florida Statutes on Price Verification

Georgia n/a  
Hawaii n/a Hawaii Price Posting
Idaho Idaho statutes Idaho Price statute
Illinois Illinois Weights and Measures Act  
Indiana n/a  
Iowa n/a  
Kansas Kansas Statutes and Regulations  

Kentucky Dept of Agriculture Laws

Kentucky Revised Statutes

Kentucky Pricing Laws
Louisiana n/a Louisiana Administrative Code
Maine n/a  
Maryland n/a Maryland Unit Pricing Law
Massachusetts Massachusetts Laws Massachusetts Unit Pricing Law
Michigan Michigan Laws Michigan Pricing ACT
Minnesota Minnesota Statutes Minnesota Pricing Laws and Regulations
Mississippi Mississippi Laws and Regulations Mississippi Price Posting
Missouri Missouri Weights and Measures Statutes Missouri Price Posting
Montana Montana Statutes Montana Laws and Regulations
Nebraska n/a  
Nevada Nevada Weights and Measures Statutes

Nevada Price Posting

Nevada Retail Price Posting

Nevada Unit Pricing of Motor Vehicle Fuel and Diesel Fuel

Nevada Reduced Unit Price of Motor Vehicle Fuel and Diesel Fuel

New Hampshire  

New Hampshire Retail Price Posting

New Hampshire Unit Pricing

New Hampshire Standards for Weights and Measures

New Jersey New Jersey Consumer Affairs Statutes and Regulations New Jersey Retail Price Posting
New Mexico New Mexico Standards of Weights and Measures

New Mexico Retail Price Posting


New York New York Weights and Measures Statutes

New York Retail Price Posting

New York Unit Pricing

North Carolina n/a  
North Dakota n/a  
Ohio Ohio Weights and Measures Code Ohio Retail Price Posting

Ohio Misrepresentation of Price of Commodity or Service

Ohio Packaging and Pricing of Food and Nonfood Products

Oklahoma Oklahoma Weights and Measure Law and Rules  
Oregon Oregon Statutes Oregon Unit Pricing
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Weights and Measures Code Pennsylvania Price Verification
Puerto Rico n/a  
Rhode Island Rhode Island Legislation Rhode Island Unit Pricing
South Carolina n/a  
South Dakota

South Dakota Weights and Measures Standards

Tennessee n/a  
Texas n/a  
Utah Utah Weights and Measures Law

Utah Price Posting & Verification

Utah Advertisement of Packaged Commodity Sales

Vermont Vermont Statutes Vermont Unit Pricing Law
Virginia Virginia Statutes Virginia Retail Price Posting
Virgin Islands n/a Virgin Island Price Posting Law
Washington Washington Legislation Washington Retail Price Posting
West Virginia West Virginia Statutes and Legislative Rules West Virginia Unit Pricing
Wisconsin Wisconsin Statutes Wisconsin Retail Price Posting
Wyoming n/a  
Created September 30, 2010, Updated August 30, 2023