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Weights and Measures in the News


tanks on the bed of a truck
Credit: Metsa Tanks Inc. via LPGas Magazine

LPGas Magazine
Supply, Labor Challenges Shape Propane Tank Production, Distribution
Highlighting: NIST OWM's 2022 NCWM-NIST National Survey on 20 lb. LPG (Propane) Cylinders
November 14, 2022




Santa checking receipts
Credit: Shutterstock via County News Center

County News Center
Holiday Shopping Has Begun, Be Sure to Check Your Receipts!
November 10, 2022





Tina Butcher speaking
Credit: Fox 13

Fox 13
Why Electric Vehicle Charger Numbers Might Not Add Up
Highlighting: Tina Butcher, NIST OWM 
November 9, 2022



Fuel pump inspection in progress
Credit: Fox 13

Fox 13
Are Utah's Fuel Pumps on the Level?
Highlighting: Utah’s Weights & Measures Office, Miland Kofford
September 21, 2022




Person weighing apples at the grocery store
Credit: TastingTable via Shutterstock

Tasting Table
"Why There Is A Government Agency That Checks Grocery Store Scales"
August 26, 2022




The screen of a gas pump with text below: "is a gallon of gas really a gallon?"
Credit: Kolo 8 News Now

Kolo 8 News Now:
Measurement Standards Verifies a Gallon of Gas Is Really a Gallon
Highlighting: Nevada Department of Agriculture, James Kellames
August 2, 2022




CNN's Margins of Error Podcast Cover
Credit: CNN

CNN's Margins of Error Podcast:
“Why Americans Won’t Give an Inch on Metric”
Highlighting: Elizabeth Benham, NIST OWM
June 7, 2022






Cover image of the Not Past It Podcast
Credit: Spotify

Not Past It Podcast: 
"Pirates of the Metric System"
Highlighting: Elizabeth Benham, NIST OWM
March 23, 2022

Created November 14, 2022, Updated November 28, 2022