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Weights and Measures in the News

Electronic Shelf Label
Credit: Adobe Stock

Dynamic pricing is coming to grocery stores

National Public Radio (NPR) All Things Considered
March 17, 2024

West Virginia State Flag
Credit: Adobe Stock

State lab consolidation is taking shape

West Virginia, WCHS Network
February 19, 2024

US Survey Foot Comic
Credit: Credit:

Gasoline Fuel Dispenser
Gasoline fuel dispenser
Credit: Adobe Stock

Image of George Washington (Nate Bargatze) tells his soldiers (Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, Bowen Yang, James Austin Johnson) his dream for the country.
Credit: SNL

Saturday Night Live skit on Weights and Measures - Washington's Dream
October 29, 2023

Image of contactless payment logo with a red arrow pointing to a hole in the screen
Credit: Alexander Kirk, Briana Fernandez

KUSA-TV, Denver, CO
Scammers are drilling holes into gas pump payment machines
By:  Alexander Kirk, Briana Fernandez
September 27, 2023


blue backgrond with a coiled yellow metric tape measure
Credit: Shutterstock

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains…Will the U.S. Adopt the Metric System?
Why didn’t the US switch to the metric system? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comedian Chuck Nice breakdown how Americans are sliding closer to using the metric system, what measurements would change, and which will stay the same. What if time was metric?
September 26, 2023


  • 00:00 - Metric in the US
  • 6:56 - Soda, Electricity, & Engines
  • 12:55 - Do We Keep Celcius?
  • 14:30 - Why Don’t We Like The Metric System?
  • 16:00 - Getting the Units Wrong

Missouri Dept of Agriculture Logo
Credit: Missouri Department of Agriculture

 KTVO News (Kirksville, MO)
Missouri attorney general sues Dollar General over deceptive pricing practices
by Nicolas Fuchs
September 13, 2023
Additional Resources on this topic: NIST OWM Examination Procedure for Price Verification Frequently Asked Questions

Steve Troxler and Stephen Benjamin
Credit: North Carolina Department of Agriculture

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)
How Weights and Measures Regulations Protect Consumers Behind the Scenes
By: Sarah Grace Fowler
August 23, 2023

Media Caption: NC Director of Standards Division discusses his career in agriculture

two thermometers, one Farenheit and one Celcius, showing the boiling and freezing temperatures
Credit: NBC

Why does the US use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius? NBC (English Language) and Telemundo (Spanish Language)
NBC’s Miguel Estrada discusses United States temperature scale use with Elizabeth Benham, NIST Metric Program and Don Hillger, US Metric Association President.
August 14, 2023


 National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)
Protecting Consumers Behind the Scenes: North Carolina Director of Standards Division Discusses His Career in Agriculture
By: Sarah Grace Fowler
August 23, 2023

Measuring stick and metal weights
Credit: Shutterstock/fishman64

Consumer 10 News (Columbus, OH)
Grocery checkout scales, gas pumps tested for accuracy
Highlighting: Nick Griner, Columbus Weights and Measures
March 10, 2023

Gas Station Air Pump
Credit: KOLD News 13

KOLD News 13
Not getting what you pay for? How to file a complaint
By Rebecca Taylor
February 24, 2023

Man pulling receipt from gas pump
Credit: Shannon Fagan /Getty Images

Farm Progress
Highlighting: Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division in the Missouri Department of Agriculture
February 22, 2023

A set of small mass standards at the Connecticut Metrology Laboratory sits on display.
Credit: Vincent Gabrielle, CT Insider

CT Insider
CT Laboratory Travels in the Strange World of Weights, Measures, and Standard Peanut Butter
Highlighting: Chris David, Connecticut State Metrologist
January 8, 2023

 Marc Paquette, chief metrologist for the Vermont agriculture agency, says the failure rate of new hydrometers has doubled over the past three years.
Credit: The Maple News

The Maple News
Many Syrup Hydrometers Out of Whack, Officials Say
Highlighting: Marc Paquette, Chief Metrologist for the Vermont Agriculture Agency
January 3, 2023

tanks on the bed of a truck
Credit: Metsa Tanks Inc. via LPGas Magazine

Santa checking receipts
Credit: Shutterstock via County News Center

Tina Butcher speaking
Credit: Fox 13

Fox 13
Why Electric Vehicle Charger Numbers Might Not Add Up
Highlighting: Tina Butcher, NIST OWM 
November 9, 2022

Fuel pump inspection in progress
Credit: Fox 13

Fox 13
Are Utah's Fuel Pumps on the Level?
Highlighting: Utah’s Weights & Measures Office, Miland Kofford
September 21, 2022

Person weighing apples at the grocery store
Credit: TastingTable via Shutterstock

The screen of a gas pump with text below: "is a gallon of gas really a gallon?"
Credit: Kolo 8 News Now

 Kolo 8 News Now:
Measurement Standards Verifies a Gallon of Gas Is Really a Gallon
Highlighting: Nevada Department of Agriculture, James Kellames
August 2, 2022

CNN's Margins of Error Podcast Cover
CNN's Margins of Error Podcast Cover
Credit: CNN

CNN's Margins of Error Podcast:
“Why Americans Won’t Give an Inch on Metric”
Highlighting: Elizabeth Benham, NIST OWM
June 7, 2022

Cover image of the Not Past It Podcast
Credit: Spotify

Not Past It Podcast: 
"Pirates of the Metric System"
Highlighting: Elizabeth Benham, NIST OWM
March 23, 2022


Created November 14, 2022, Updated April 3, 2024