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NIST and the Nobel Credits/Feedback

Project Manager: Robin Materese
Writers: Gabriel Popkin, Todd Neff
Editors: Ben P. Stein, Laura Ost
Art Curation and Direction: Kelly Irvine, Robin Materese, Ben P. Stein
Video Curation: Leon Gerskovic
Web Design: Paul Hernandez, Jon Raedeke
Copyediting: Gayle Swenson
Student Reviewer: Mark Roos

Thanks to Keith Martin, Mark Esser and Hratch Semerjian for providing content for and/or review of the "Other NIST Connections to the Nobel" page.

Special thanks to the Nobel laureates, their colleagues, NIST laboratory management, and many others for their generous assistance in creating this microsite.

Do you have feedback about this site? Memories about the NIST laureates that you’d like to share? Please contact NIST and the Nobel editor bstein [at] (Ben P. Stein); your input could be incorporated in a future update to this site!

Created May 2, 2017, Updated May 22, 2018