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Outside of Work: Dave Wineland

So how does a Nobel Prize winning scientist spend his time outside of work?


Four men sitting on a rock
1984: Taking a break from hiking on Bear Peak Trail in Boulder, Colorado. L-to-R: John Prestage, Norman Ramsey (1989 Nobel laureate and Dave’s graduate adviser at Harvard), John Bollinger (Dave’s immediate successor as group leader of NIST’s Ion Storage Group) and Dave Wineland. Dave recalls, “Norman was in great shape!”
Credit: Wayne Itano using Dave Wineland’s camera


Wineland in the air while mountain biking
Dave Wineland on May 10, 1997 in the lower portion of Porcupine Rim Trail, Moab Utah. NIST’s Didi Leibfried recalls, “As an ex moto-cross biker, Dave knows all about catching air on two wheels and it shows in this picture. A large part of the NIST Ion Storage Group went on a mountain bike outing to Utah over a long weekend in May 1997. The photo was taken by a professional photographer that was stationed at the bottom part of Porcupine Rim Trail to take pictures of all the bikers coming down the trail. The little dirt ramp was perfect to take pictures of riders in the air. The photographer worked for a shop in downtown Moab where we could go to check out and buy some of the pictures in the evening.”
Credit: Courtesy Dave Wineland


Wineland in Indy car
Dave Wineland at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in June 2013. This picture was taken by NIST’s Andrew Wilson, one of the members of Dave’s group. Andrew recalls, “We were at a research meeting in Indianapolis and during a break in the schedule we visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, famous for the Indy 500 race. We took a bus ride around the oval race track, and the bus driver joked that we were travelling 200 mph slower than the race cars can do! The museum has a wonderful collection of race cars. Dave is seated in the museum’s Photo Car.”
Credit: Andrew Wilson
Created September 28, 2018, Updated August 31, 2021