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Model-Based Enterprise Summit 2018


MBE Summit 2018, April 2-5

The goal of the 2018 MBE Summit was to identify challenges, research, implementation issues, and lessons learned in manufacturing and quality assurance where a digital three-dimensional (3D) model of the product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in a product's lifecycle. The theme of the 2018 Summit was Empowering the Digital Transformation with an Integrated Lifecycle. The model-based community has moved beyond the question of “why is MBE important” to “how do we deploy MBE?” This Summit (the ninth of the series) focused on empowering the industrial shift to MBE with recommend practices and how-to guidance.

The 2018 MBE Summit featured three technical tracks:

  • Systems Engineering and Lifecycle Management
  • Design & Recommended Practices 
  • Manufacturing & Quality



Zip file of all presentations (96MB)

Monday, April 2


IOT for Manufacturing
Dr. Thomas Kurfess, Georgia Institute of Technology

Digital Thread and Industry 4.0
Dr. Don Kinard, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Challenges of using Current Modeling Capabilities in Innovative Technology Development
David Gregory, Ursa Major Technologies

Tuesday, April 3

MBSE Real World Deployment Issues
Thad Henry, NASA, and Rick Steiner, Skygazer Consulting
Systems Engineering
Empowering the Digital Transformation via Digitalization within the Integrated Lifecycle
Gerald Deren, Siemens
The Model-Based Enterprise Transition Initiative (MBET-I): An NNSA Stockpile Services Solution To The Challenges Of Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Implementation In The National Security Enterprise
Ryan Kuhns, NNSA
Connecting the MBE: Integrating 3D Technical Data throughout the System Lifecycle
Ben Kassel, LMI
Tradespace Exploration of MBSE and MBE Integrated Workflows
Anthony Davenport, Phoenix Integration
Maturing MBE Deployment via a Collaborative Model Authorized Product - Realization (MAPR-R) Project
Curtis Brown, KCSNC, and Adrian Miura, SNL
Linking Technical Requirements beyond PLM vault
Tatyana Vidrevich, XSB
A Matrixed Approach to Model Based Product Implementation
Philip Jennings and Mark Debbink, Newport News Shipbuilding
Design & Recommended Practices
Inter-Domain Model-Based Workflows at Baker Hughes GE Using SOLIDWORKS
Hadi Jafari, Baker Hughes GE, and Oboe Wu, DS Solidworks
Robust Strategy for using Authoritative Source Standard Part data for MBD/MBE Assemblies
Timothy Thomas, Part Solutions, and Jennifer Herron, Action Engineering
ECN Cost Improvement
Rich Eckenrode and Annalise Suzuki, Elysium
Ensure solid GD&T practices with Model-Based Definition
Oboe Wu, DS Solidworks
Toward the Standardization of Digital Verification Technology, Development of Guidelines for Creating 1DCAE Models of Mechano-Electrical Products
Masatomo Inui, Ibaraki University, and Tomohisa Fujinuma, Standardization Committee of New Digital Verification Technology
Manufacturing & Quality
Common Shared System Model for Evolvable Assembly Systems
David Sanderson, University of Nottingham
Integrating Data Visualization Software with Manufacturing Facility Databases: Reference Implementation and Lessons Learned 
William Bernstein, NIST
Digitally Enabling the Supply Chain
Gregory Harris, Auburn University
On-machine measurement use cases for digital thread standards
John Horst, NIST
Computer Aided Inspection and Quality
Toby Maw and David Ross-Pinnock, Manufacturing Technology Centre
An Integrated Process for the Manufacture of On-Demand Small UAS
Nathan Beals, ARL
Issues in Implementing a Model Based Enterprise
Gregory Harris, Auburn University

Wednesday, April 4

System Lifecycle Handler for enabling a digital thread for smart manufacturing
Manas Bajaj, InterCAX, and Thomas Hedberg, NIST
3D Data Exchange Project
Howard Owens (Navy PMA-261),Jonathan Scott (Razorleaf), Asa Trainer (ITI), and Jim Merry (Anark)
Systems Engineering
Enabling MBE across the Life Cycle through 3Di TDPs
Marc Lind, Aras
MoSSEC (Modeling & Simulation information in a collaborative System Engineering Context) Standard Effort
Gregory Pollari, Rockwell Collins
Successfully Integrating MBSE Data Using OSLC
Brian Schouten, PROSTEP
Bill of Features
Ryan Gelotte and Jennifer Herron, Action Engineering
Capturing Product Behavioral and Contextual Characteristics through a Model-Based Feature Information Network (MFIN)
Daniel Campbell, Capvidia, and Nathan Hartman, Purdue
Critical MBE Themes that Enable a Collaborative Government-Industry Digital Engineering Process throughout the DOD Acquisitions Lifecycle
Zhigang Pan, AIA
The System Engineering Vee - It Still Relevant in The Digital Age?
Daniel Seal, Boeing
Design & Recommended Practices
Extending and Evaluating the Model-based Product Definition
Nathan Hartman, Purdue
Barriers to MBD and MBE: Real, Perceived, and Self-Inflicted
Bryan Fischer, TDP 360
Presentation vs. Representation: Moving Beyond Symbology for PMI
Jami Shah, Ohio State University
MBD ROI Case Study: CMM Automation from MBD
Daniel Campbell (Capvidia) ,Mark Nielsen (TechAzul), and Bryan Bergsma (Raytheon)
Proposal of a data processing guideline for realizing automatic measurement process with general geometrical tolerances and contactless laser scanning
Atsuto Soma, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
QIF and the Future of Digital Metrology 
Jennifer Herron, Curtis Brown, and Daniel Campbell, Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium
Machine Readable Semantic PMI for Pattern Defintion
Ryan Gelotte, Action Engineering
Manufacturing & Quality
Realization of the 5-Axis Machine Tool Digital Twin Using Direct Servo Control from CAM
Roby Lynn, Georgia Tech
Requirements for a digital twin manufacturing framework
Martin Hardwick, STEP Tools
Incorporating Standardized Factory Device Data into the Model Based Enterprise
Russell Waddell, MTConnect
Selecting Dimensional Measurement Equipment in Inspection Planning
Shaw Feng, NIST
Model-based Operational Control Methods for Smart Manufacturing Systems
Timothy Sprock and Conrad Bock, NIST
Optimizing Model Based Inspection (MBI)
Curtis Brown, Honeywell FM&T, and Mark Nielsen, TechAzul

Thursday, April  5

Enabling Facility-Level Interoperability Between Robot Teams and Machine Cell Devices
Josh Langsfeld (SWRI), Matt Robinson (SWRI), Shaurabh Singh (MTConnect), and William Sobel (Vimana)
ASME MBE Standards
Fred Constantino, ASME


Created October 6, 2017, Updated May 4, 2021