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Model-Based Enterprise Summit 2017

MBE Summit 2017

On  April 3-6, 2017, NIST hosted the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Summit to identify challenges, research, implementation issues, and lessons learned in manufacturing and quality assurance where a digital three-dimensional (3D) model of the product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in the product's lifecycle. The 2017 theme was “Normalizing the Model-Based Enterprise.” For the first time, there was an "MBE 101" session for attendees  interested in learning about Model-Based Enterprise and the benefits MBE may bring to their companies. The 2017 MBE Summit also featured four technical tracks:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality

Summit Program 

Keynote speaker biographies and summaries of all presentations are available in the MBE Summit Program.(PDF)


Those presentations that have been released by authors can be accessed below. (PDF)


Plenary Session

The Epistemology of Manufacturing or Why Data Will Remake Everything We Know About Making

Drura Parrish -- CEO, MAKETIME
Digital Shipbuilding; MBE Alters Product Lifecycle & Industry
Ambre Cauley -- R&D Portfolio Manager, Ingalls Shipbuilding
MBE and Logistics: Rugby in a Brooks Brothers Suit?
Leon McGinnis -- Professor Emeritus, Georgia Tech


MakeTime Panel Discussion
MBE 101 Session
What is Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)?
Lexicon of MBE
Paper-Based Challenges and the Associated Costs
Cost Benefits in MBE (TTDT/D2MI Brief)
Technology Landscape
Advanced Manufacturing Office
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Systems Engineering & Design
Digitalization of Systems Engineering – Examples and Benefits for the Enterprise
Rob Beadling, Dassault Systems
Model Based (x) – Sparking a Systems Engineering leading practice for Innovative Project, Plant and Process Development
Gerald J. Deren, Siemens
The myth of the single authoritative source : overlap and evolution of product data through the total lifecycle
Ben Kassel, U.S. Navy
Defining the Minimum Information Model for the Model-based Definition
Nate Hartman, Purdue University
System Lifecycle Handler for the Digital Thread
Manas Bajaj, Intercax
Good Testing is Hard, Bad Testing is Easy
Robert Lipman, NIST
Comply with the NIST PMI Validation Requirements with SOLIDWORKS
Oboe Wu, DSS/Solidworks
Evolve or Dissolve - Effective MBD/MBE Strategy and Benefits
Jennifer Herron, Action Engineering
Key Enablers of a successful and profitable MBD process
Mark Nielsen
Enchasing MBD with Product Performance Information (PPI)
Andreas Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions
Manufacturing & Quality
Automatic Generation of Optimized CMM Program from MBD on the DMDII Digital Manufacturing Commons and Enabled by QIF
Daniel Campbell, Metrosage
CH-53K Design Models; Can They Support System Sustainment Requirements?
Tom Parks, LMI
MBD implementation DOs and DONTs
Oboe Wu, DSS/Solidworks
Model-based Product Manufacturing Information (MPMI)
Tom Rando, Electric Boat Corp
Don’t Do Digital Design Wrong: Use of 3D Technical Data Doesn’t End at Manufacturing
Tom Parks, LMI
CAD Reusability and the Role of Modeling Information in the MBE Context
Jorge Camba, University of Houston
Activities on Product Service Platforms Interoperability in Europe
Christoph Runde, IMS - European Union
Service-Oriented Architectures for Smart Manufacturing
Nenad Ivezic, NIST
Digital Twins for through-life support - setting the requirements
John Erkoyuncu, Cranfield University


Plenary Session
Supply Chain MBE/TDP Improvement
Andrew Hall -- MBE/PLM Technical Specialist, Rolls-Royce
DASD(SE) Manufacturing Activities
Mr. Robert Gold -- Director, Engineering Enterprise
Office of Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Sys Engr
Systems Engineering
System Analysis Integration for Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems
Conrad Bock & Tim Sprock, NIST
MBE, MBSE and MaaS – Unleash Your Supply Chain
Tony Davenport, Phoenix Integrations
The Role of Cross-disciplinary Dynamic Models for Functional Verification in Systems Design
Paul Goossens, Maplesoft
MBE Assessment of Rock Island Arsenal
Roy Whittenburg, MBD360 LLC
Developing an MBE Strategy within Army Organizations
Gregory Harris, Auburn University
The Model Based Enterprise & Systems Engineering:  A Black Swan Inspired Perspective
Lisa Murphy, Siemens
Newport News Shipbuilding’s Concept of Operations for Transitioning to a Model Based Enterprise (MBE)
Mark Debbink, Newport News Shipbuilding
3D Intelligent Technical Data in DOD
Jeff Windham, ARDEC
A Bottoms-Up Approach to Executing from a Model-Based Disclosure (MBE)
Jim Dorwart, Newport News Shipbuilding
A3FAB and NCMBE Tech Transfer
Roy Whittenburg (for Rush Carter, UTRS Inc)
STEP for Downstream Consumption
Bob Kirkwood, Integration Guard
Best Practices for Creating MIL-STD-31000A Technical Data Packages (TDP) using (3D) PDF and STEP
Jerry McFeeters, 3D PDF Consortium
Design Decision Support for MBE with Information Modeling
Doug Eddy, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Using Manufacturing Knowledge Earlier in the Product Lifecycle
Thomas Hedberg, NIST 
Manufacturing & Quality
A Digital Product Realization Revolution Enabled by Persistent Model-Based Product Characteristics
Curtis Brown, Honeywell FM&T
Measurement Data Analytics using QIF
Daniel Campbell, Capvidia
Application of Blockchain and Standards-Based Interoperability to Manufacturing and MRO in a MBE
Xenia Fiorentini, Engisis
Applying Visual Variables to Manufacturing Data for Enhanced Decision-making
Bill Bernstein, NIST
Model-based Visualization for Resistance Spot Welded Assembly Design
Joseph Kim, Wayne State University
Manufacturing Systems Diagnosis Knowledgebase
Mike Brundage, NIST
MBD Supplier Readiness
Jennifer Herron, Action Engineering


Enabling Automated CNC Measurement on the Digital Thread
Will Sobel & Martin Hardwick
A Game Theoretic Approach to Minimizing Cybersecurity Risk
Scott Musman, MITRE
Systems Engineering Summary
Design Summary
Manufacturing & Quality Summary
MBE's Gaps and Challenges
MBE's Next Steps
Created January 17, 2017, Updated February 19, 2019