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Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Group

The Group performs fundamental research and develops metrology towards the compositional and morphological characterization of materials from the mesoscale to the atomic scale using electron, ion, and photon interactions with matter; detailed measurements, comprehensive analysis and modeling, and theoretical methods serve to advance microanalysis to address stakeholder needs in diverse areas of materials science.

News and Updates



Site-Specific Structure at Multiple Length Scales in Kagome Quantum Spin Liquid Candidates

Rebecca W. Smaha, Idris Boukahil, Charles J. Titus, Jack Mingde Jiang, John P. Sheckelton, Wei He, JiaJia Wen, John T. Vinson, SuYin G. Wang, Yu-Sheng Chen, Simon J. Teat, Thomas P. Devereaux, Chaitanya D. Pemmaraju, Young S. Lee
Realizing a quantum spin liquid (QSL) ground state in a real material is a leading issue in condensed matter physics research. In this pursuit, it is crucial to



NIST DTSA-II builds on the best available algorithms in the literature to simulate, quantify and plan energy dispersive x-ray analysis measurements.

Tools and Instruments

Focused Ion Beam (Helios 660)

The Helios 660 NanoLab(HNL660) is a Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with spectroscopic detectors to allow elemental and phase

X-Ray Diffractometer

The Bruker D8 defractometer is a general purpose X-ray diffraction system. The instrument features easy reconfiguration of the X-ray optics for a variety of



Group Leader