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Improving Positional Accuracy for Robotic Assembly Tasks



The National Institute of Standards and Technology has developed a procedure to reduce the positional error of an object as measured by a perception sensor and relayed to a robot for action.  This reduced positional error improves the quality of assembly tasks such as insertion, picking, part mating, and drilling.  This procedure does not require purchasing additional hardware.

A description and implementation of the procedure, Restoration of Rigid-Body Condition (RRBC), may be downloaded below.  The improvement in an insertion task using the RRBC method was quantified using peg-in-hole experiments.  These results may also be downloaded below and data from the experiments may be downloaded from this link.

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PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

(Handouts are condensed versions of the presentations)

RRBC Method Explained and Results

1.  Introduction, Step-by-step explanation and illustration of  procedure

2.  Results showing improvement when RRBC implemented

3.  Full presentation (1 and 2)  


Implementing RRBC

Describes System Integrators’ and Users’ responsibilities when
implementing the RRBC method.



Created August 9, 2019, Updated November 15, 2019