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Networked Control Systems Group

The Networked Control Systems Group develops and deploys advances in measurement science, standards, guidelines, and tools that enhance resilience, reliability, safety, security, and privacy through advanced control systems for connected IoT and cyber-physical systems and critical applications in coordination with the NIST cybersecurity program.

Networked Controlled Systems


The Networked Control Systems Group develops, advances, and deploys measurement science for sensor networks and control systems used in manufacturing, construction, and other Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems applications. The Group’s research areas include the trustworthy optimization of real-time performance of networks and systems; automation and control system security and safety; and industrial wireless systems and communications in factory manufacturing environments.

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Projects and Programs

NIST Industrial Wireless 5G Testbed

The NIST 5G Industrial Wireless Testbed is a pioneering project designed to reshape industrial connectivity by deploying and evaluating 5th generation (5G)




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