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Keith A. Stouffer (Fed)

Keith Stouffer has been with the Engineering Lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since 1989, focusing on industrial control system security since 2000. Keith is the Project Manager of the Cybersecurity for Smart Manufacturing Systems Project, working jointly with the NIST Computer Security Division, in cooperation with the public and private sector community, to develop specific guidance on the application of NIST security standards and guidelines to industrial control systems. A major effort of the program has been the update of NIST Special Publication 800-53, Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems, to provide guidance on appropriate safeguards and countermeasures for federal agencies that own, operate, or maintain industrial control systems. Keith is the lead author of Special Publication 800-82 Guide to Industrial Control Systems Security, which provides guidance for the public and private sectors on how to secure industrial control systems while addressing their unique performance, reliability and safety requirements. Keith is also active in the private sector standards community, providing input to the ISA99, IEC 62443 and NERC CIP security standards. During his career, he has received Gold and Bronze Medals from the Department of Commerce and the Gov30 Security Award. Keith holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland.


Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.1 Manufacturing Profile

Keith A. Stouffer, Timothy Zimmerman, CheeYee Tang, Michael Pease, Jeffrey Cichonski, John McCarthy
This document provides the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Version 1.1 implementation details developed for the manufacturing environment. The "Manufacturing
Created July 30, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021