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Smart Connected Systems Division Staff

HQ (674) Staff
Division Chief: Abdella Battou Patrick Chin
Deputy Division Chief: David Wollman Samantha Moore
Administrative Officer: Konstantina Di Menza  
Office Manager: Ahmad Ketia  


Networked Control Systems Group

Smart Connected Manufacturing Systems
IoT Devices and Infrastructure Group
Smart Grid Group (674.04) Transformational Networks and Services
Group Leader: Keith Stouffer Group Leader: Allison Barnard Feeney Group Leader: Tom Roth Group Leader: Avi Gopstein Group Leader: Tao Zhang
Office Manager: Patrick Chin Office Manager: Patrick Chin Office Manager: Patrick Chin Office Manager:  Samantha Moore Office Manager: Samantha Moore
Staff Staff Staff Staff Staff
Richard Candell Raphael Barbau Michael Dunaway Dhananjay Anand Amar Abane
Steven Fang Conrad Bock Edward Griffor Corey Dickens Lydia Ait Oucheggou
Jing Geng Mehdi Dadfarnia Wenqi (Wendy)  Guo Md Amimul Ehsan Abderrahim Amlou
Mohamed Hany Serghei Drozdov Khalid Halba Michael Farrell Lotfi Benmohamed
Karl Montgomery Edward Du Chenli Wang Thomas Linn Hasnae Bilil
Michael Pease Mohammad Fazelpour   Cuong Nguyen Robert Bohn
Eran Salfati Paul Huang   Cheyney O'Fallon Henry Gao
CheeYee Tang Ben Kassel   Hasan Giray Oral Hamid Gharavi
Thomas Wrona Sylvere Krima   Eugene Song FNU Hala
Timothy Zimmerman Robert Lipman     Anfal Hathah
  Charles Manion     Bin Hu
  Michael Sharp     Yu Xuan Huang
  Marion Toussaint     Muhammad Hassan Raza Khan
        Siham Khoussi
        Chang Li
        Zineb Maasaoui
        Van Sy Mai
        Jabir Marakkarakath Vadakkepurayil
        Nader Moayeri
        Nur Fajar Rizqi Annafianto
        Davide Pesavento
        Padmaksha Roy
        Junxiao Shi
        George Torres
        Junliang Ye


Created May 3, 2022, Updated October 12, 2022