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Richard Candell

Rick Candell has twenty years of experience in telecommunications with emphasis on tactical radio and satellite-based tracking systems. Mr. Candell spent twelve years developing, testing, and deploying secure wireless technologies for defense applications. He was an important contributor in developing cost-saving technologies for the US Army fleet tracking system. He holds patents related to successive interference cancellation and transmission burst detection applied to spread spectrum communications. Mr. Candell recently joined the NIST Engineering Laboratory where he is applying his wireless networking and information security knowledge to industrial control systems. His current research interests include performance measurements of cybersecurity and wireless applications as they pertain to closed-loop industrial control systems Mr. Candell holds a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Memphis.


Wireless User Requirements for the Factory Workcell

Karl R. Montgomery, Richard Candell, Yongkang Liu, Mohamed T. Hany
Wireless communication is becoming crucial to advanced manufacturing. Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing depend on networked industrial automation systems
Created February 20, 2019