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Wireless Deployment Challenges in Construction: A 5G Strategy



Richard Candell, Mohamed Hany, Jing Geng, Karl Montgomery


In the construction context, integrating 5G networks presents numerous challenges. Tiis article explores deploying wireless communication networks within construction projects, introducing a comparison approach to assess deployment difficulty at each project phase. Additionally, we outline a strategic blueprint for a specialized testbed to evaluate 5G network performance in real-world construction conditions. This controlled environment mimics actual construction scenarios. We aim to offer valuable insights into the unique challenges of implementing 5G in construction, emphasizing untapped research opportunities. The discussed structured approach evaluates network performance, addressing wireless communication complexities in the industry.
InTech Magazine


Candell, R. , Hany, M. , Geng, J. and Montgomery, K. (2024), Wireless Deployment Challenges in Construction: A 5G Strategy, InTech Magazine, [online], (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created May 20, 2024, Updated May 21, 2024