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Industrial Wireless Testbed for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)


The Industrial Wireless Testbed for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a collaborative research effort with Intel Laboratories, dedicated to exploring the application of TSN in Wi-Fi networks to enhance reliability and reduce deterministic latency in transmissions. The project leverages a sophisticated testbed comprising multiple UR3 robots designed to collaboratively execute fundamental industrial tasks. These robots communicate directly using wireless TSN technology, providing a real-world environment to assess the performance benefits of TSN in an industrial context. The unique feature of this testbed is its demonstration of immediate human perception of disturbances caused by wireless channel aggressors. Through this setup, the project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of TSN in mitigating disruptions, ensuring heightened reliability and deterministic latency, and advancing the understanding of TSN's practical applications in industrial wireless networks. Ultimately, the Industrial Wireless Testbed for TSN serves as a crucial platform to shape the future of time-sensitive networking technologies within industrial settings.




NIST Industrial Wireless TSN
Credit: NIST

The Industrial Wireless Testbed for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), a collaborative endeavor with Intel Laboratories, is positioned to be a groundbreaking exploration with a multi-faceted set of objectives. The project goal is to investigate and enhance the application of TSN in Wi-Fi networks, focusing on reliability, deterministic latency reduction, and performance optimization. Key objectives include:

  1. Static and Dynamic Scheduling: Evaluate static and dynamic scheduling mechanisms for attached devices, optimizing communication protocols and enhancing network performance for efficient data exchange among wireless stations given their unique application requirements and channel bandwidth constraints.

  2. Reliability Studies using 802.1CB: Conduct in-depth reliability studies using the 802.1CB standard, assessing the robustness of TSN in ensuring dependable and timely communication in industrial environments.

  3. Investigations of OFDMA Technology: Explore the performance implications of orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) technology within the TSN framework, aiming to optimize spectral efficiency and address challenges specific to industrial wireless communication.

  4. Understanding Aggressor Impacts: Examine the performance impacts of industrial wireless aggressors, simulating and analyzing disruptions to gain insights into TSN's resilience in maintaining reliable communication in the face of external disturbances.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Award-Winning Research: Anticipate the recognition of this research as a significant contribution to the field, potentially earning accolades for its innovative approach, methodologies, and impact on advancing industrial wireless technologies.

  2. Advancement of IEEE 802.11 Standard: Contribute to the advancement of the IEEE 802.11 standard (Wi-Fi) by providing practical insights and recommendations derived from the research findings, potentially influencing future revisions of the standard.

  3. Encouraging Wireless Adoption in Factory Automation: Foster a shift towards wireless communication as a principal mode for factory automation by showcasing the benefits of TSN in enhancing reliability, reducing latency, and mitigating the impact of wireless aggressors. The project aims to encourage industry stakeholders to embrace wireless technologies for improved efficiency and flexibility in factory automation.

Through these expected outcomes, the Industrial Wireless Testbed for TSN not only aims to push the boundaries of research excellence but also seeks to have a lasting impact on industry standards and practices, paving the way for a wireless-centric future in the realm of factory automation.

Created November 15, 2023