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Production Systems Group

The Production Systems Group supports the missions of the Engineering Laboratory and the Intelligent Systems Division by conducting research and development in the areas of measurement methods, models, instrumentation, sensors, and data to improve scientific understanding and control of manufacturing processes, equipment, and workpiece properties.

The group specializes in characterization, modeling, and improvement of geometric, thermal, elastic, and dynamic properties of high-precision motion systems and manufacturing equipment; development of theoretical models for measurement and analysis of complex coordinated motion generated by advanced manufacturing equipment used in manufacturing of high-value components; development of methods and instrumentation to characterize and evaluate manufacturing processes, such as for in-process tool-chip interface temperature, force and vibrations; integration of intelligent sensors and sensor information, through inter- and intra-network technologies, to monitor, evaluate, and control manufacturing processes; providing leadership and contributions to national and international standards development efforts in the above mentioned areas of research and development.

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AM Machine and Process Qualification

Machines and processes used to produce critical components for defense, aerospace, and medical applications must first be formally qualified. While